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Author Abstract
Best practices for knowlege workers book cover Best Practices for Knowledge Workers (Digital edition)

Keith Swenson, Jürgen Kress, Danilo Schmiedel, Ricardo Puttini

Adaptive Case Management Methodology: Best practices to design and implement solutions for knowledge workers.
Thriving_on_Adaptability_FrontCover150x250 Thriving On Adaptability: Best Practices for Knowledge Workers Keith Swenson, Jürgen Kress, Clemens Utschig-Utschig, Hajo Normann, Torsten Winterberg,
Adaptive Case Management is ultimately about allowing knowledge workers to work the way that they want to work and to provide them with the tools and information they need to do so effectively.
  Oracle BPM Suite 11g: Advanced BPMN Topics

& Tanya Williams

Cover some of the most commonly misunderstood areas of BPMN
Gain the knowledge to write professional BPMN processes
A practical and concise tutorial packed with advanced topics which until now had received little or no documentation for BPM Suite developers and architects
 Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g Handbook book cover Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g Handbook

Manoj Das, Manas Deb, Mark Wilkins

A balanced combination of essential BPM concepts, best practices, and a detailed treatment of all the powerful features and functionalities of Oracle BPM Suite 11g.
 Getting Started With Oracle BPM Suite 11g R1: A Hands-On Tutorial book cover Getting Started with Oracle BPM Suite 11gR1

Heidi Buelow, Manoj Das, Manas Deb, Prasen Palvankar, Meera Srinivasan

 Getting Started With Oracle BPM Suite 11g R1: A Hands-On TutorialLearn from the experts – teach yourself Oracle BPM Suite 11g with an accelerated & hands-on learning path brought to you by Oracle BPM Suite Product Management team members.
 bpm21 Oracle BPM in 21 Days

Vijaya Maddela

advacedBPM Advanced Oracle BPM in 21 Days

Vijaya Maddela

This book address all latest features included in PS6.

  •  BPM Composer
  • Case Management
  • Guided Business Process Management.
  • Web Forms
  • Player
  • Simulation
  •  Process Analytics
 https://www.packtpub.com/sites/default/files/4224EN_Oracle%20BPM%20Suite%2011g%20Developers%20cookbook.jpg Oracle BPM Suite 11g Developer’s Coockbook

Vivek Acharya

 Over 80 advanced recipes to develop rich, interactive business processes using the Oracle Business Process Management Suite with this book and ebook
 BPM12cmodelling  Oracle BPM Suite 12c Modeling Patterns

Vivek Acharya

  • Work with multi-instance patterns and advanced flow control patterns so you understand the BPM Process Flow
  • Handle exceptions and develop strategies around fault management in BPM with human interactions, task modeling patterns using Oracle BPM, the fault framework and human workflow
  • Develop a highly efficient Case Management Solution with the help of well explained code samples
 ACMBookLeon  Oracle Case Management Solutions by Leon Smiers, Manas Deb, Prasen Palvankar, Joop Koster  Police investigations, mortgage requests, insurance claims and subsidy handling all have in common that routine and non-routine work needs to be combined to come up with an end result, satisfactory for the persons involved.
 41oBlRuseIL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_  Process Based Approach to Operational Risk Management by Kannan Subramanian A Banker’s Guide to create a process basedoperating model and an insight into methods that would reduce transactioncosts, increase productivity and minimise operational risks

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  1. LOMBARDI BPM says:

    All the bpm books have good inform. about oracle business process management.

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