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Conference Call for papers
Conference date and location
Breaktrough UKOUG open until July 22nd 2022 December 1st-2nd 2022 Birmingham, UK
Oracle CloudWorld 2022 open until June 24th 2022 October 16th-20th 2022 Las Vegas, US
OUG Ireland open until March 24th 2022 June 15th & 16th 2022 Dublin, Ireland
ASCEND 2022 open until January 28th 2022 June 12th-15th 2022 Las Vegas US
SEACON 2022 open until February 11th 2022 May 18th & 19th 2022 online
Kscope 2022 open until December 6th 2021 June 19th23rd 2022 Grapevine Texas US
ALLIANCE 2022 open until October 20th 2021 March 13th-16th 2022 Seattle WA
Javaland 2022 open until September 27th 2021 March 15th-17th 2022 Brühl Germany
together 2021 UKOUG open until August 16th 2021 November 29th & 30th London, UK
EMEA Groundbreakers Tour open until August 15th 2021 between October 15th – 29th 2021 virtual
UKOUG Conference open until November 2nd 2020 December 1&2 and 8&9 2020 virtual
Kscope21 open until November 17th 2020 June 20th-24th Nashville US
Groundbreakers APAC tour open until August 31st 2020 October 19th-30th 2020 virtual
SPOUG20 open until September 15th 2020 October 2020 virtual
Oracle Code One open until June 8th 2020 September 21st-24th 2020 Las Vegas
Eclips 2020 Con open until June 15th 2020 online October 19th-22nd 2020
LATAM Groundbreakers Tour open until May 31st 2020 online August 17th-29th 2020
JNation open until February 28th 2020 June 2nd & 3rd 2020 Coimbra Portugal
OUG Scotland open until March 13th 2020 May 20th 2020 Glasgow, UK
GR8Conf & JDK IO open until February 15th 2020 June 2nd-4th 2020 Copenhagen, Denmark
Digital Xchange open until February 9th 2020 June 6th 2020 Gummersbach, Germany
Devoxx UK open until January 13th 2020 May 13th-15th 2020 London, UK
WeAreDevelopers open until January 15th 2020 May 28th 2020 Berlin, Germany
Kscope open until December 5th 2019 June 28th – July 2nd 2020 Boston, US
SEACON 2020 open until December 6th 2019 June 4th-5th 2020 Hamburg Germany
Java Day Istanbul open until December 1st 2019 March 15th & 16th 2020 Istanbul, Turkey
OUGN 2020 open March 19th-21st 2020 Cruise from Oslo
RMOUG Training Days 2020 open until October 18th 2019 February 18-20, 2020, Westminister, CO, USA
J-Fall 2019 open until August 25th 2019 October 31st 2019 Ede, Netherlands
ITOUG Tech Days 2020 open until July 21st 2019 Milan 29th January 2020 and Rome 31st January 2020
Techfest by UKOUG open until June 17th 2019 December 1st-4th 2019 Brighton, UK
Oracle Groundbreakers EMEA Tour open until July 1st 2019 multiple locations October 2019
Code One 2019 open until March 13th 2019 September 16th-19th 2019 San Francisco
OOP 2020 open until July 1st 2019 February 3rd-7th 2020 Munich, Germany
eclipscon Europe 2019 open until July 1st 2019 October 21st-24th 2019 Ludwigsburg, Germany
PaaS Partner Community Forum open until January 25th 2019 April 8th – 12th 2019 Palma, Spain
Oracle OpenWorld 2019 open until March 13th 2019 September 16th-19th 2019 San Francisco
Oracle Groundbreakers LATAM tour 2019 open until March 22nd 2019 August 2019 multiple locations
DigitalXChange open until February 15th 2019 May 25th Gummersbach, Germany
Oracle Code Events open until January 6th 2019 Multiple location: Bengaluru, Rome, Berlin, New York, Bejing
Devoxx UK open until January 11th 2019 May 8th-10th 2019 London, UK
AI for You open until February 4th 2019 June 24th-26th 2019 Munich Germany
VOXXED Days Bucharest open until December 20th 2018 March 20th-22nd 2019 Bucharest Rumenia
UDTUG open until December 5th 2018 June 23rd-27th 2019 Seattle USA
Code Days 2019 open until October 15th 2019 January 22nd-24th 2019 Munich, Germany
OUGN open until November 15th 2018 March 21st-23rd 2019 Oslo Norway
 OOP  open until July 5th 2018  January 21-25 2019 Munich Germany
EclipseCon Europe open until July 16th 2018  October 23-25th Ludwigsburg, Germany
 DOAG  open until June 4th 2018  November 20-23 2018 Nürnberg, Germany
 UKOUG Tech  open until June 3rd 2018  December 3-5 2018 Liverpool, UK
 BlockChainConf  open  September 6-7 2018 Atlanta, USA
 Oracle Code  open until February 16th 2018  multiple locations
 UKOUG Applications Cloud  open until March 5th 2018  June 2018 London, UK
 OUG Scotland  open until February 6th 2018  June 2018 Edinburgh, UK
 SE-Cloud  open until March 13th 2017  July 26th-28th 2018 Porto, Portugal
 SEACON  open until November 24th 2017 May 3rd & 4th 2018 Hamburg, Germany
 nlOUG TEch 2018  open until December 24th 2017  June 7th & 8th 2018 Amersfoort, Netherlands
PaaS Partner Community Forum 2018 open contact Jürgen Kress March 12-16 Budapest, Hungary
OUGN 2018 open until November 15th 2018 March 8-10 2018 Oslo, Norway
 OUG Ireland  open until October 30th 2017  March 2018 Dublin, Ireland
 Jfokus  open until September 30th 2017  February 5-7 2018 Stockholm, Swenden
 Sangam17  open  India
ilOUG Tech Days 2018  open until August 31st 2017  January 22-23rd 2018 Tel Aviv Israel
 eclipsecon  open until July 17th 2017  October 24th – 26th Ludwigsburg, Germany
 UKOUG Tech  open until June 26th 2017  December 4th – 6th 2017 Birmingham UK
 Oracle OpenWorld 2017  open until April 23rd 2017  October 1st – 5th 2017 San Francisco, USA
DOAG 2017  open until June 1st 2017 November 21st – 24th 2017 Nürnberg, Germany
PaaS Partner Community Forum 2017  open  March 27th – 31st 2017 Split Croatia
 OGh Tech 17  open until January 15th 2017  June 15th & 16th Amersfoort, Netherlands
 Oracle Code  open  multiple locations
 OUGN 2017  open until November 30th 2016  March 9th – 11th 2017 Oslo Norway
 JavaLand 2017  open until August 16th 2016  March 28-30th 2017 Germany
 UKOUG Tech  open until June 1st 2016  December 5-7th Birmingham UK
 Oracle OpenWorld 2016  open until May 9th 2016  September 18th – 21st 2016 San Francisco USA
 Applications Journey to Cloud 2016 open  July 7th 2016 London UK
 DOAG 2016  open until June 8th 2016  November 15-18th 2016 Nürberg Germany
 Oracle OpenWorld 2015  open until May 6th 2015  October 25-29th 2015 San Francisco
 UKOUG Tech  open until May 10th 2015  December 7-9th Birmingham UK
 OUG Ireland  open until January 5th 2015  March 19th 2015 Dublin Ireland
 OUGN Cruise 2015  open until December 1st 2014  March 12-13th 2015 Oslo Norway
 Java Land 2015  open until September 26th 2014  March 24-25th 2015 Brühl Germany
 Oracle OpenWorld 2014  open until April 15th 2014  September 28th – October 2nd 2014, San Francisco, USA
 DOAG 2014  open until June 15th 2014  November 18-20th Nürnberg, Germany
 UKOUG Tech 2014  open until May 23rd 2014  December 8-10th 2014 Liverpool
 EclipseCon 2014  open until August 11th  2014  28-30 October 2014 Ludwigsburg Germany
SEACON 2014  open until November 29th 2013  May 8-9th 2013 Hamburg, Germany
Jax 2014  open until November 8th 2013  May 12-24th 2014 Mainz, Germany
SOA, Cloud & Service Technology Symposium open until November  December 4-6th 2013 Mexico City, Mexico
Tech13 UKOUG closed December 2nd-4th 2013 Manchester, UK
OOW 2013 closed until April 12th 2013 September 22-26 2013 San Francisco, USA
OUG Scotland 2013 Closed 2013 June 12th 2013 Lintlihgow Scotland, UK
India OAUG closed until May 30th 2013 November 8th & 9th 2013 Hyderabad, India
Software Quality Days 2014 closed until May 30th 2013 January 14th – 16th 2014 Vienna, Austria
DOAG 2013 closed until June 15th 2013 November 19-21st 2013 Nürnberg, Germany
 OOP 2013 closed until July 1st 2013  February 3-7th 2013 Munich, Germany

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