Top tweets SOA Partner Community – September 2013

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clip_image001Simone Geib RT @otnarchbeat: Understanding Service Compensation, by @soacommunity @HajoNormann @gschmutz @t_winterberg #industrialsoa

clip_image002SOA Community Next Generation Service Integration Platform: Oracle SOA Suite on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle Exadata…

clip_image003OTNArchBeatUnderstanding Service Compensation, by @soacommunity @HajoNormann @gschmutz @t_winterberg #industrialsoa

clip_image003[1]OTNArchBeatCheck out this short list of must-read books for those working with #Oracle #BPM Suite

clip_image004C2B2 ConsultingSOAP over JMS between WebLogic 12 and Apache CXF | C2B2 Blog … #Apache #Camel #weblogic

clip_image005Lucas JellemaPretty old article, still relevant: throttle File Adapter in SOA Suite using Synchronous BPEL process …

clip_image006Dain HansenSneak Preview of SOA Sessions at Oracle Open World 2013 #soa #oow

clip_image008WhitehorsesLees de 2 Whitebooks over Oracle BPM Adaptive Case Management: intro ( …) en praktijk ( …) #ACM

clip_image002[1]SOA Community Oracle API Management new datasheets API Management Datasheet & Enterprise Repository for API Management

clip_image009Walter Montantes México presente en #OFMSummerCamp Lisboa 2013 cc @soacommunity @AdquemTI

clip_image010Matthias FuchsBack from perfect #OFSummercamps and @soacommunity – having many new ideas for SOA Implementations

clip_image012ServiceTechSymposiumThe August issue of the Service Technology Magazine is now published with new articles. Read them at:

clip_image013Ajay KhannaDiscussing Business Driven OracleBPM with Avio’s Dan Atwood … #BPM #process #UX #OracleBPM

clip_image002[2]SOA Community You like the #OFMSummercamp? Send us your feedback and pictures from the #OFMSummercamp @soacommunity or

clip_image014Abdellatif BOUCHAMA #ESB approaches & #SOA. <– a great article from @soacommunity on the different uses of ESB

clip_image015Brian Eble Fantastic article from @soacommunity on defining and various #ESB approaches #SOA.

clip_image004[1]C2B2 Consulting MIDDLEWARE INSIGHT – C2B2 Newsletter … #GlassFish #JBoss #WebLogic #SOA #Pivotal #VMworld #TomCat #Apache #Java #JEE

clip_image002[3]SOA Community Enterprise Service Bus article part of Industrial SOA series

clip_image003[2]OTNArchBeatGoing to #oow13? Have a cool middleware project you’d like to talk about on an @OTNArchBeat video? Let’s talk!

clip_image016Diego NeriI recommend with eyes closed 🙂 RT @soacommunity: SOA Governance 11g Implementation book by Luis Augusto Weir

clip_image017David Shaffer Starting run-up to OpenWorld – signed up Green Mountain Power, Northern Trust, Stryker for SOA cust panel – CON4539

clip_image019Oracle Middleware How can you increase productivty with mobile applications? What can AppAdvantage do for you? Find out now…

clip_image021orclateamsoa#orclateamsoa Blog: Oracle Service Bus JMS Deployments Utility

clip_image022Patrick Sinke Oracle Document editor is a huge tool (6GB), but contains every version and subset of EDI, HL7, etc definitions. Impressive. #OFMSummercamp

clip_image006[1]Dain HansenRT @OracleBPM: Video: @RCesare from Oracle Product Management discusses Oracle Process Accelerators

clip_image002[4]SOA Community SOA Community Newsletter August 2013

clip_image002[5]SOA Community Top tweets SOA Partner Community – August 2013

clip_image023OracleBlogsSOA Maturity Alongside Contract Standardization Published Service Technology Magazine Issue LXXIII

clip_image003[3]OTNArchBeat Case Management In-Depth: Cases & Case Activities Part 2 – Case Rules | Mark Foster #bpm #fmwateam

clip_image002[6]SOA Community SOA Maturity Alongside Contract Standardization Published: June 27, 2013 – Service Technology Magazine Issue LXXIII

clip_image024Jacco H. Landlust new SOA HA paper

clip_image025Rajesh Raheja "SOA Blackbelt training – results & best practices" …

clip_image002[7]SOA Community Oracle Applications Customers Using Oracle Fusion Middleware Reference Booklet

clip_image002[8]SOA CommunitySOA OOW Community Reception Spetember 24th – read the SOA Community newsletter for registration #soacommunity 50% booked – register now!

clip_image002[9]SOA CommunityOracle Cloud partnership with Salesforce & Microsoft and NetSuite – it is all about Middleware!

clip_image026Jan van ZoggelNew blog post: Force dehydration in Oracle #BPM

clip_image019[1]Oracle Middleware Know what is happening with Fusion #Middleware by reading the latest edition of the newsletter

clip_image027Danilo SchmiedelOptions for removing data in MDS Repository @soacommunity @OC_WIRE

clip_image002[10]SOA CommunityCloud computing your Middleware Service opportunity!

clip_image025[1]Rajesh Raheja integration using Oracle SOA Suite 11g: Demo and Whitepaper … @soacommunity

clip_image003[4]OTNArchBeatCase Study: A Case of Fusion Middleware | @LucasJellema #soa

clip_image002[11]SOA Community Sales Briefing Fiscal Year 2014 go to market SOA & BPM

clip_image005[1]Lucas JellemaWhy, how &when to apply SOA and Fusion Middleware to achieve Business &IT Objectives?Read: Case of Fusion Middleware: …

clip_image028OPITZ CONSULTINGDon’t miss Conference Session about "Managing Knowledge Worker Processes" at #OOW 2013 – @dschmied @soacommunity

clip_image025[2]Rajesh RahejaHybrid Cloud Integration using Oracle SOA Suite (YouTube playlist) …

clip_image030Oracle BPMVideo: Oracle Process Accelerators help to Extend Applications #BPM

clip_image013[1]Ajay Khanna Exciting line up of BPM conference sessions & demos #OOW 2013

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About Jürgen Kress
As a middleware expert Jürgen works at Oracle EMEA Alliances and Channels, responsible for Oracle’s EMEA Fusion Middleware partner business. He is the founder of the Oracle SOA & BPM and the WebLogic Partner Communities and the global Oracle Partner Advisory Councils. With more than 5000 members from all over the world the Middleware Partner Community is the most successful and active community at Oracle. Jürgen manages the community with monthly newsletters, webcasts and conferences. He hosts his annual Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forums and the Fusion Middleware Summer Camps, where more than 200 partners get product updates, roadmap insights and hands-on trainings. Supplemented by many web 2.0 tools like twitter, discussion forums, online communities, blogs and wikis. For the SOA & Cloud Symposium by Thomas Erl, Jürgen is a member of the steering board. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences like the SOA & BPM Integration Days, JAX, UKOUG, OUGN, or OOP.

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