Top tweets SOA Partner Community – March 2014

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clip_image001gschmutzMy latest upload : Processing Twitter Stream with Oracle Event Pr… on @slideshare … via @SlideShare

clip_image002SOA CommunityCode Coverage for BPMN by Mark Foster … @OracleBPM #soacommunity

clip_image003OTNArchBeatHow to enable automatic startup recovery in Oracle #BPM 11g | @JvZoggel

clip_image003[1]OTNArchBeatConsuming Async #SOA in a WebService Proxy | Anagha Desai #adf

clip_image004sbernhardtBrandneu: Nachlese der BPM Integration Days 2014 auf #thecattlecrew @OC_WIRE

clip_image005Oracle SOA Oracle Event Processing enables Internet of Things and Fast Data #iot #fastdata #soa #oep

clip_image002[1]SOA Community SOA Community Newsletter February 2014 – Read the newsletter! … @OracleSOA #soacommunity @OracleBPM

clip_image002[2]SOA Community@soacommunity Feb 27

Process Accelerators Speed Time-to-Value of YourBPM Implementations … @OracleBPM #soacommunity

clip_image002[3]SOA CommunityKPI Risk Assessment at bpmNext2013 – Manoj Das, Oracle

clip_image005[1]Oracle SOASimplifying Mobile Integration #soa #mobile

clip_image005[2]Oracle SOAClose loop API Management and SOA Governance #soa #governance #api

clip_image005[3]Oracle SOAAirline & Cargo Hub Integration: Trends in B2B Integration as authored by Oracle B2B product mgr #soa #oraclesoa

clip_image003[2]OTNArchBeat White Paper: Message Sequencing using Oracle Mediator Resequencer #soa #weblogic #bpel

clip_image006OracleBlogsVideo: Oracle SOA Suite on Oracle Data Appliance | Lonneke Dikmans

clip_image007Frank Nimphius Oracle Magazine article about JDeveloper 12c "REST for Everyone" …

clip_image002[4]SOA Community Presentations from the #ofmForum are available at the Community Workspace (membership required) #soacommunity

clip_image008Luis Augusto Weir Must hear #SOA Governance #Podcast @soacommunity

clip_image002[5]SOA CommunityProcess Accelerators

clip_image009Frank Hoppe BPM und Lego Roboter? Clemens erklärt adaptive Prozesse einmal anders. Cool! #bpmidays


clip_image003[3]OTNArchBeat #ACM: organizing the chaos…through adaptive case management | @LucasJellema

clip_image002[6]SOA CommunityTop tweets SOA Partner Community – February 2014

clip_image002[7]SOA CommunityCreate milestones, activities and roles to build your ACM solution #soacommunity

clip_image002[8]SOA CommunityACM workshop at #bpmidays live Proof of concept build an application #soacommunity


clip_image002[9]SOA CommunityIndustrial SOA the journey of maturity and adoption towards a plattform #bpmidays #industrialSOA


clip_image002[10]SOA CommunityMonitoring large flow traces with Oracle SOA Suite by Martin Günther … @OracleSOA #soacommunity @OC_WIRE

clip_image016AMIS, Oracle & JavaInspiration on offer: Oracle USA R&D team shows user interface design of the future. March 18, @AMIS Nieuwegein. #UX

clip_image002[11]SOA CommunityPurging Improving Performance via Parallelism in Oracle Event Processing Pipelines with High-Availability by…

clip_image017esentriReview of the #Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2014 in Malta @rszilinski #ofmForum

clip_image018Oracle MiddlewareToday’s guest post – @RaoulMiller explains the value of Content and #BPM working together. #Oracle #WebCenter #ECM

clip_image005[4]Oracle SOA Answers to most common questions from Oracle Cloud Adapter for Webcast #cloud #soa #oraclesoa

clip_image005[5]Oracle SOAReal-time GPS vehicle monitoring Oracle SOA Suite w/5K msg/sec case study Sascar Flt Mgmt #soa #oraclesoa

clip_image019orclateamsoa #orclateamsoa Blog: Resequencer Health Check – 11g Resequencer Health Check In this Blog we will see a few useful …

clip_image009[1]Frank Hoppe @dschmied und @t_winterberg erklären #ACM mal anders. #bpmidays


clip_image004[1]sbernhardtFull room for @dschmied and @t_winterberg, talking about ACM at #bpmidays @OC_WIRE @soacommunity

clip_image022Jon petter hjulstad First day at new employer – SYSCO. I am now Department Manager for Middleware

clip_image002[12]SOA Community Full room at BPM best practice session from large enterprise deployments by Sven Bernhardt from Opitz #bpmidays


clip_image002[13]SOA CommunityIoT making use of SOA and BPM demo time at #bpmidays by @t_winterberg @FHoppe #soacommunity



Oracle Middleware Oracle Press covers Fusion Middleware. Videos, books, manuals and more…Brush up on Middleware skills.

clip_image027Whitehorses Whiteblog: BPM workspace: Scripted security ( …)

clip_image028Marcel van de Glind Started a series of blogs about humantask assignment. …

clip_image003[4]OTNArchBeatHumantask Assignment: current lane participant | @MarcelvdGlind #soa #bpm #soasuite

clip_image002[14]SOA Community Enabling Enterprise Mobility with Oracle Fusion Middleware

clip_image008[1]Luis Augusto Weir Excellent SOA Governance Implementation book review by Niall Commiskey

clip_image005[6]Oracle SOAOracle Cloud Adapter for Integration Webcast #oraclesoa #soa

clip_image002[15]SOA Community Additional new content SOA & BPM Partner Community

clip_image003[5]OTNArchBeatPodcast: Taking Charge: Meeting SOA Governance Challenges – Part 3 w/ @manelrosa @Luisw19 et al


Eric ElzingaGood explanation on the difference between Wait and Dehydrate in Oracle SOA Suite. Interesting read. @soacommunity

clip_image002[16]SOA CommunityUsing JPA in SCA Spring Beans by Dusan Chromy … @OracleSOA #soacommunity

clip_image008[2]Luis Augusto Weir API Management and SOA Governance? This and more in the #SOA Governance #FAQ @soacommunity …

clip_image002[17]SOA CommunityDistribute the soacommunity newsletter February edition – read it! Didn’t get it register #soacommunity @OracleSOA

clip_image002[18]SOA CommunitySOA Suite Installation Instructions … @OracleSOA #soacommunity

clip_image005[7]Oracle SOAOracle Webcast: Integration – Mark your calendars for this Thursday #oraclesoa #soa

clip_image030Dain Hansen Oracle SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration #soa #healthcare

clip_image031demed 1.4m events/s! NTT Comm delivers on predictive monitoring w Oracle Event Processing #oep #cep #oraclesoa

clip_image002[19]SOA Community Book Review: Getting Started with Oracle SOA B2B Integration by Jon Petter Av Hjulstad … @OracleSOA @SOAScott

clip_image002[20]SOA CommunityPodcast Show Notes: Old Habits Die Hard in the New SOA World By OTN ArchBeat … @OracleSOA #soacommunity

clip_image032Debra LilleySo just what is AppAdvantage? and learn more at #UKOUG Apps Transformation event 18th March

clip_image006[1]OracleBlogs Oracle Enterprise Repository Reports and International Number Formats

clip_image002[21]SOA Community Configure Auto-Recovery in Oracle SOA Suite by Danilo Schmiedel

clip_image030[1]Dain HansenServiceTechMagazine on Oracle API Management #api #soa via @malatech

clip_image002[22]SOA CommunityEvent-Driven SOA part of Industrial SOA series … #industrialSOA @OracleSOA

clip_image002[23]SOA Communitythanks for your SOA Specialization and all your successful SOA projects @esentri #soacommunity @ORCLPartnerBiz


eted by SOA Community

clip_image003[6]OTNArchBeatThe OTNArchBeat Daily is out! … Stories via @soacommunity @PSchooff @gokhanatil

clip_image030[2]Dain HansenIdevnews | @Oracle Cloud Adapters ‘Unify’ Intelligent Integration for Cloud, On-Premises via Oracle SOA Suite …

clip_image035OracleSupport_WLSWorking with Oracle Security Token Service in an architecture involving WLS and Service Bus #SAML #Weblogic

clip_image003[7]OTNArchBeatVideo: #SOA Transformation – Interview with @LonnekeDikmans.

clip_image003[8]OTNArchBeatVideo: @rgathwala talks about Agilent’s new SOA-based infrastructure and mobile strategy #soasuite

SOA & BPM Partner Community

For regular information on Oracle SOA Suite become a member in the SOA & BPM Partner Community for registration please visit (OPN account required) If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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As a middleware expert Jürgen works at Oracle EMEA Alliances and Channels, responsible for Oracle’s EMEA Fusion Middleware partner business. He is the founder of the Oracle SOA & BPM and the WebLogic Partner Communities and the global Oracle Partner Advisory Councils. With more than 5000 members from all over the world the Middleware Partner Community is the most successful and active community at Oracle. Jürgen manages the community with monthly newsletters, webcasts and conferences. He hosts his annual Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forums and the Fusion Middleware Summer Camps, where more than 200 partners get product updates, roadmap insights and hands-on trainings. Supplemented by many web 2.0 tools like twitter, discussion forums, online communities, blogs and wikis. For the SOA & Cloud Symposium by Thomas Erl, Jürgen is a member of the steering board. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences like the SOA & BPM Integration Days, JAX, UKOUG, OUGN, or OOP.

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