Top tweets SOA Partner Community – October 2014

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clip_image001Oracle Learning Libr Extending Oracle Sales Cloud with Platform as a Service (PaaS) Applications: Released On: 09-Oct-14


clip_image004IT Convergence 12 things you MUST know about #OracleSOA 12c @OracleSOA @soacommunity

clip_image005Rolando Carrasco ·El escenario de Oracle FMW 12c Launch . Rolando C. y Arturo V. Presentando lo nuevo de SOA 12c #sps12c #SPSBicampeon

clip_image006SOA Community 2 Minute Tech Tip: Specialization & Certification @oraclepartners @ORCLPartnerBiz @Oracle #soacommunity #opn

#industrialSOA my two minutes tech tip @OracleSOA @Oracle #soacommunity

clip_image007Dain Hansen Welcome to #BPM12c by Niall Commiskey @soacommunity

clip_image007[1]Dain Hansen BPM Suite 12c Quick Start Installation by Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied

clip_image008OTNArchBeat Viewers have spoken! Here are the Top 10 OTN ArchBeat Videos (Sep 7, 2014 – Oct 6, 2014)

clip_image009Andreas Koop News from OpenWorld: Oracle Announces New Innovations in Middleware

clip_image010OPITZ CONSULTING #IoT – Live-Demo mit #SOA, #BPM Suite und #Oracle Event Processing 12c – @t_winterberg bei den Launch Events:

clip_image011Fusion Applications #Alta UI: A modern design system for mobile and browser application design and development || …


clip_image014Yogesh Sontakke We have announced the Oracle iPaaS – Integration Cloud Service – at OOW. Take a look ! #OOW14


clip_image017AMIS, Oracle & Java Oracle apps cloud demo for @lucasjellema usableapps’s photo

clip_image018Lucas Jellema I have just published an article on the slightly less grand findings from Oracle OpenWorld 2014 #oow14 #oow_amis …

clip_image006[1]SOA Community BPM Suite 12c partner resource kit … #bpm12c @oraclepartners @ORCLPartnerBiz @Oracle #soacommunity

clip_image019Cato Aune Home after a great week at #oow2014. Thanks to @soacommunity and @VikasAatOracle and his team for great meetings and mingling.

clip_image007[2]Dain Hansen Nice shot of the @Transamerica! safe travels my friend! @soacommunity #oow14


clip_image022Jan van Zoggel Patching the Oracle Service Bus 12.1.3 unknown protocol deployment error #osb #soasuite12c

clip_image023Ronald Luttikhuizen My latest upload : eProseed – Fusion Middleware 12c Launch Event … on @slideshare … via @SlideShare @soacommunity


clip_image026O-box #oow14 ODA blog post – it’s quite long as the @OracleODA team have been busy this year! …

clip_image027ORCL PartnerNetwork See why @_keste won an Oracle Excellence Award in Middleware #oow14 @oraclepartners

clip_image008[1]OTNArchBeat Lots of #OOW14 stuff in this week’s Twitter Tuesday Top 10 List.

clip_image028sbernhardt Very valuable blog post on Oracle BPM instance patching by Mark Foster @OracleBPM

clip_image029Manuel Rosa Next up: Bruno Silva with SOA 12c @LinkConsulting #soacommunity


clip_image007[3]Dain Hansen Oracle API Integration trends in the enterprise #soa12c via @malatech

clip_image032José Rodrigues Great SOA 12c presentation by Bruno Silva @LinkConsulting 12c Portuguese launch @soacommunity with @Yogesh_Sontakke

clip_image008[2]OTNArchBeat Video: 2 Minute Tech Tip: Tools for #SOAGov and API Management | Luis Weir


clip_image033JDeveloper & ADF Better User Interface- Oracle Alta UI for Oracle ADF 12.1.3

clip_image032[1]José Rodrigues José Pires with the closing statements of the #12c portuguese launch. @soacommunity @Yogesh_Sontakke @LinkConsulting

clip_image006[2]SOA Community Want to run a local #SOA12c & #BPM12c launch event? … @oraclepartners @ORCLPartnerBiz #soacommunity

clip_image007[4]Dain Hansen Are you following us on #SOA12c #soacommunity #oow14? Send us your pics!

clip_image014[1]Yogesh Sontakke Just delivered a keynote for our customers in Lisbon on #soasuite12c #bpm12c, excellent event & audience by @LinkConsulting @soacommunity

clip_image029[1]Manuel Rosa Full crowd hearing @Yogesh_Sontakke on BPM and SOA 12c new cool features #soacommunity @LinkConsulting

clip_image029[2]Manuel Rosa Oracle #BPM & #SOA #12c Portuguese launch Event with @LinkConsulting @JoseRodBPM and @Yogesh_Sontakke #soacommunity

clip_image008[3]OTNArchBeat BPM 11g: Instance Patching Revisited: Inability to Create New Instances | Mark Foster

clip_image034Jürgen Menge #SOA 12c Launch Event von Opitz in DUS und MUC am 23.+28.10.- …

clip_image017[1]AMIS, Oracle & Java Blog by Robbrecht van Amerongen: “Oracle Cloud demystified, Overview of Oracle Cloud offerings based on Open Wor…

clip_image006[3]SOA Community BPM Suite 12c partner resource kit

clip_image026[1]O-box Blog post: summary of O-box presentations (inc slides) at #oow14 …

clip_image035Andrejus Baranovskis New ADF Alta UI for ADF UI Shell

clip_image036Oracle SOA API Integration Trends in the Enterprise #soa12c #oow14 #api

clip_image008[4]OTNArchBeat Video: 2 Minute Tech Tip: #IndustrialSOA | Jurgen Kress #oow14


clip_image036[1]Oracle SOA Examine API integration trends in the enterprise @searchsoa @malatech #api #soa12c #oow14

clip_image023[1]Ronald Luttikhuizen Finishing up my slides for the eProseed #soa and #bpm 12c launch event at @Oracle_NL tomorrow. Topic: migration from SOA/BPM 10g/11g to 12 c

clip_image037orclateamsoa #orclateamsoa Blog: BPM 11g: Instance Patching Revisited: Inability to Create New Instances

clip_image010[1]OPITZ CONSULTING Die spannendsten neuen Features in #SOA und #BPM Suite 12c – mit S. Bernhardt & S. Huskic bei unseren Launch Events:

clip_image008[5]OTNArchBeat Creating a Mobile-Optimized REST API Using #OSB – Part 1 | Steven Davelaar

clip_image038Luis Augusto Weir My 2 min techtip wtih @OTNArchBeat … @soacommunity also more tools on my blog post: … #oow14


clip_image039AVIO Consulting AVIO Blog – Creating Custom BPM Work List for Human Tasks based in ADF … #oraclebpm

clip_image006[4]SOA Community BPM Suite 12c Community feedback

clip_image040Herb Stiel Oracle Integration as a Service OpenWorld 2014 session …

clip_image041Vikas Anand Oracle #ipaas: nice summary of our session! Looking forward to #soacommunity blogs:safe travels! …

clip_image042Arturo Viveros coolest new products at #oow14 for me: API Catalog & API Manager!! #SPSBicampeon #soacommunity

clip_image005[1]Rolando Carrasco The Oracle BPM cloud also looks great. That will be something our customers will like #soacommunity @soacommunity

clip_image005[2]Rolando Carrasco My fav prod was API Catalog & Manager.The integration with the SOA stack with those products is great @soacommunity @SOASimone #soacommunity

clip_image006[5]SOA Community Adaptive Case Management – Exposing the API – part 2 by Roger Goossens

clip_image038[1]Luis Augusto Weir Excellent #SOA CAB. Nice dinner and great to officially finish #oow14 with a nice dinner with SOA PMs, @soacommunity and other @oracleace

clip_image043Danilo Schmiedel Exciting #oow14. Special thanks to @oracleace and @soacommunity for organizing unique Networking Events! That makes partners succesful.

clip_image044Bruce Tierney From the Oracle SOA product management team thank you for an amazing #OOW14 @soacommunity


clip_image043[1]Danilo Schmiedel @tierneybruce @VikasAatOracle @soacommunity Great Team! Thanks for the exciting days!

clip_image007[5]Dain Hansen @soacommunity have a safe trip back! Great catching up with you this week #oow14

clip_image047Jon petter hjulstad This has been the best #OOW week ever! Will celebrate my birthday today with a relaxing breakfast before leaving to Norway

clip_image048shay shmeltzer My short #oow14 summary for #OracleADF and #OracleMobile developers – the key things you should know – …

clip_image038[2]Luis Augusto Weir @manelrosa @soacommunity @OTNArchBeat API Catalog very soon. Talk to Mark to become early adopter, API Manager 2015 Not sure which Q 🙂

clip_image049Greg Very helpful visuals from @dschmied in understanding how to model a case in #oraclebpm #OOW14 @soacommunity

clip_image050Frank Dorst Thank you! RT @soacommunity: Special thanks to all partners joining #oow14 spending an exciting week with middleware #soacommunity @oracle

clip_image006[6]SOA Community Special thanks to all partners joining #oow14 spending an exciting week with middleware #soacommunity @oracle

clip_image006[7]SOA Community Two rules of David smell your food it might not be chicken & If you use an API know what it does! #bpm12c #oow14

clip_image051David Shaffer #oow2014: no one knows about new Oracle home-grown SAP adapter. Every SOA Suite cust who has SAP should check out

clip_image050[1]Frank Dorst End-to-end native REST in SOA Suite, Next on the SOA Suite 12c roadmap, #oow14

clip_image050[2]Frank Dorst Oracle Stream eXplorer: simple data analysis for business exploration of real time streams. Business layer on OEP. #oow14

clip_image051[1]David Shaffer Just spotted at #oow2014: Clemens Utschig-Utschig! For you Oracle SOA Suite old-timers…

clip_image007[6]Dain Hansen All about Process Cloud Service. #oow14 @holgermu


clip_image054Ahmed Aboulnaga Finally happy to see full SOAP messages and namespaces in the #BPEL 12c flow? I am! #oow14 #soasuite #soa12c #egoug

clip_image055Olve Slind A really good Oracle Service Bus 12c presentation by @WunderlichRd and @SOASimone with exciting roadmap and good Q&A #soasuite12c #oow14

clip_image006[8]SOA Community Hey Dutch team get your beer now at #otnlounge via IoT at Moscone South cool showcase beer via twitter a dream!

clip_image017[2]AMIS, Oracle & Java Announcement by @markxnelson: The #OTN #Maven Repository. See #oow14 #egoug #soacommunity

clip_image056Craig Barr Excited session at #OOW! Developing #Fusion in the Cloud. @AntonyJReynolds @RubiconMatt @ramkumarmenon @soacommunity

clip_image038[3]Luis Augusto Weir At the most awaited session #API Mng with #OER 12c Moscone South 236 #oow14 @soacommunity @OTNArchBeat

clip_image054[1]Ahmed Aboulnaga Announcement by @markxnelson: The #OTN #Maven Repository. See #oow14 #egoug #soacommunity

clip_image042[1]Arturo Viveros A global award is coming home to Mexico!! #SPSBicampeón #oow2014 #soacommunity

clip_image057Rajesh Raheja @Luisw19 @soacommunity thanks for stopping by and feedback. Glad you liked the new Integration Cloud Service.

clip_image008[6]OTNArchBeat FREE OTN Virtual Tech Summit Nov 19. #FMW track sessions by @lucb_ @lonnekedikmans @gschmutz

clip_image023[2]Ronald Luttikhuizen The Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Live Development Demo is in full swing! @soacommunity @lonnekedikmans @lucasjellema

clip_image026[2]O-box Find out about @OracleODA networking & deploying SOA today at 4:45pm #oow14 MS 200 …


clip_image043[2]Danilo Schmiedel Unique Networking experience! Thanks to @soacommunity for a nice evening with the SOA PM Team and Partners around the globe. #oow2014

clip_image060John Sim @soacommunity thanks for organising and putting the effort in; great event looking forward to next year! Jurgen and team rock 😉

clip_image061Nethi N Rao @partner meet..# oow14.@IT_Convergence @SOASimone @soacommunity @NatashaKotovsky ..Dave berry..dimitry..peter..


clip_image049[1]Greg Thank you Jürgen and @soacommunity for a great social event at #oow14

clip_image037[1]orclateamsoa @soacommunity party partner style!!!!! Thanks Partner community for all the work that you do!!!

clip_image064Matt Wright State Revenue Office and @rubicon_red win #Oracle excellence award for @OracleBPM at #oow14. Great result for @OracleANZ

clip_image007[7]Dain Hansen @dainsworld ·  Oct 1

Congrats @RubiconMatt with all the help with so many FMW Innovation Award winners #oow14 #soa12c

clip_image006[9]SOA Community And a global #ofmaward goes to Australia congratulations to @rubicon_red for the #bpm12c award – one more!

clip_image006[10]SOA Community The muppet show balcony at the #ofmaward – special contribute to all ofm partner & customers 😉 #soacommunity

clip_image005[3]Rolando Carrasco Inside the event . Fusion middleware innovation awards @soacommunity #SPSBicampeon #oow14

clip_image023[3]Ronald Luttikhuizen Never knew that you could get such a firm pat on the back from @soacommunity 🙂

clip_image006[11]SOA Community Special thanks to the PTS team who trained all the partners who won the #ofmawards with their customers – you are key

clip_image006[12]SOA Community Congratulations to our friends from @eaiesb for the global BPM ofmaward #soacommunity wins all! @oracle #oow14

clip_image006[13]SOA Community Congratulations to our friends from @_keste for the mobile global ofmaward does our #soacommunity win all of them?

clip_image006[14]SOA Community Congratulations to @eProseed for the global #ofmawad great job great partner #soacommunity #oow14

clip_image011[1]Fusion Applications Because of my new job, I’m CTO now, I’ve got to do my demo’s by myself… #OOW14

clip_image065Oracle @Oracle #Oracle Cloud #PaaS services allow developers to build rich apps & business users to harness the platform. #oow14

clip_image017[3]AMIS, Oracle & Java Ellison explains how to upgrade and modernize a database and java app. And move it to the cloud. @oracleopenworld

clip_image005[4]Rolando Carrasco Oracle API Catalog. Easy, natural and well designed web Ui #oow14 #SPSBicampeon

clip_image026[3]O-box Full room for SOA Performance Tips at #oow14 Oracle A-team shows the importance of baking best practices into your SOA platform 🙂

clip_image054[2]Ahmed Aboulnaga “Reconsider that decision to have only one #OSB domain to handle both batch and online requests.” ~SOA Tips & Tricks #oow14 #egoug #soasuite

clip_image018[1]Lucas Jellema Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service – develop rich ui apps in the cloud. No dates yet #oow14 #oow14

clip_image007[8]Dain Hansen Lots of IPaaS awesomeness #oow14 #soa12c #bpm12c


clip_image068Amit Zavery Oracle Announces New Innovations in Oracle Fusion Middleware, the Leading Cloud Platform for Today’s Digital Business …

clip_image069Torsten Winterberg Oracle announces IoT Cloud. Good to see the completeness in the Cloud offering. #oow14

clip_image064[1]Matt Wright @JRSim_UIX @soacommunity many thanks. It’s great that #Oracle #soa12c enables us to deliver #cloud integration so quickly.

clip_image028[1]sbernhardt Released blog post about architectural thoughts regarding Microservices and SOA #thecattlecrew @OC_WIRE @soacommunity

clip_image038[4]Luis Augusto Weir Just finished the 2min tectip with @OTNArchBeat @brhubart Super fun! @oracleace @soacommunity suggest you do it too 🙂 #oow14

clip_image006[15]SOA Community Will keep in mind the moment of a proud team together with @azavery when integration cloud was launched #soacommunity


clip_image006[16]SOA Community Demo of the Integration Cloud Service by @VikasAatOracle was the best of #oow14 today. Thanks to the whole team for the great solution!

clip_image072Douwe P. van den Bos This is starting to look very interesting! (At the ICS HoL) #oow14


clip_image064[2]Matt Wright Engineers Australia acknowledging @rubicon_red delivering salesforce integration in 3 weeks on #soa12c @soacommunity

clip_image069[1]Torsten Winterberg Case Management in Oracle BPM Suite rocks! Excellent Roadmap! All we requested, good news! #oow14

clip_image069[2]Torsten Winterberg I like the new UI pattern Oracle is using consistently. Event Processing with Streamexplorer and BAM generation in SOA only 2 cool examples.

clip_image075✭ Usable Apps Lucas from ADF powerhouse @AMIS_Services checks out OAUX Simplified UI rapid dev kit for Apps Cloud #oow14

clip_image069[3]Torsten Winterberg Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) will deliver Gregor Hohpe EAI Pattern in an easy way. Great to hear! #oow14

clip_image050[3]Frank Dorst Native end-to-end JSON in the next release of OSB & SOA Suite: … #oow14

clip_image069[4]Torsten Winterberg Had discussion with the Oracle Integration Cloud guys. Tooling really looks promising. Looking forward to SAP and Salesforce adapter #oow14

clip_image076gschmutz Want to quickly implement a real-time event streaming application? Use Oracle StreamXplorer #oow14 #fastdata #oep View more photos and videos

clip_image050[4]Frank Dorst 12c release of WebCenter Content will enhance integration with SOA Suite, i.e. to raise content events. #oow14

clip_image018[2]Lucas Jellema Stream Explorer has predefined business patterns that can be reused in Explorations to analyze data in motion for business value #oow14

clip_image076[1]gschmutz Unveiling StreamXplorer at #oow14. Making event peocessing availble to the business user! CEP no is longer complex!

clip_image006[17]SOA Community Larry will be able to build applications live on stage with the new Middleware PaaS services otherwise 7-Eleven can help Thomas Kurian#oow14

clip_image077Oracle Middleware Thomas: If you can use Facebook, you can use @Oracle Document #Cloud Service, Oracle #Social Network Cloud Service. It is that easy. #OOW14

clip_image068[1]Amit Zavery Thomas Kurian now covering Data Integration strategy covering data lake, big data, metadata mgmt, change data capture, ETL and data quality

clip_image007[9]Dain Hansen Thomas Kurian just the word #Kafka together w #ODI12c #GoldenGate12c #Hadoop. How awesome to integrate big data

clip_image007[10]Dain Hansen .@VikasAatOracle joins Thomas Kurian for live demo of Oracle Integration Cloud Service #ipaas


clip_image023[4]Ronald Luttikhuizen Building integrations between on premise and cloud apps by dragging & dropping #oow14 @VikasAatOracle not sweating this demo #easy

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clip_image006[18]SOA Community Building integrations live on stage using the integration cloud – so easy I will do it! #soacommunity

clip_image077[1]Oracle Middleware Thomas discussing new integration, #BPM offerings and capabilities at #fmw keynote. #oow14

clip_image023[5]Ronald Luttikhuizen Thomas Kurian now joined by @VikasAatOracle for Integration Cloud Service demo! #oow14


clip_image006[19]SOA Community service integration cloud live demo by @VikasAatOracle at Thomas Kurian keynote #oow14 very cool

clip_image044[1]Bruce Tierney @SOASimone presenting at #oow14 headliner Service Integration session. Tons of new features & enthusiasm #oraclesoa

clip_image076[2]gschmutz Oracle integration cloud service making integration between SaaS applications really simple now at #oow14 @VikasAatOracle #cloud

clip_image050[5]Frank Dorst Simplicity. With the new Oracle Integration Cloud Service, you don’t deploy integrations, you activate them! #ICS #oow14

clip_image038[5]Luis Augusto Weir New product: SOA Suite Cloud Service. #OOW14

clip_image076[3]gschmutz @VikasAatOracle talking about stream xplorer. Simplifying (complex) event processing can’t wait to use it 🙂

clip_image007[11]Dain Hansen @SOASimone shaking things up like a SOA rock star. Spotlight on #soa12c …

clip_image050[6]Frank Dorst Simple upgrade: SOA Suite Composites resume from where they were in 11g after upgrade to 12c! #oow14

clip_image050[7]Frank Dorst Great summary of the killer improvements for Oracle SOA Suite 12c (12.1.3) during the Oracle Service Integration Roadmap session at #oow14

clip_image082Robert Szilinski Service Integration Product Strategy and API Management #OOW14 @soacommunity with @SOASimone and @VikasAatOracle

clip_image038[6]Luis Augusto Weir New product: API Catalogue ! Looks amazing, simple to use, very fast bootstrap! #oow14 @soacommunity

OTN interview with legendary @OTNArchBeat Bob tech tip on #OPNSpecialization free SOAbootcamp

clip_image069[5]Torsten Winterberg Oracle is launching the Integration Cloud Service (ICS) today. Currently Vikas explaining the advantages! #oow14 @soacommunity

clip_image007[12]Dain Hansen Good morning #oow14! Can’t wait on this one: Oracle Integration Cloud Service #soa12c #iPaaS

clip_image007[13]Dain Hansen BPM Process Cloud – not to miss #OOW14 … @OracleBPM #BPM12c #soacommunity

clip_image007[14]Dain Hansen Good morning #oow14! Looking forward to learning more about Oracle Process Cloud Service #bpm12c

clip_image008[7]OTNArchBeat FREE OTN Virtual Tech Summit Nov 19. #FMW Track focus on #OraclMAF #JDeveloper #OEPE #SOASuite, and more.

clip_image083Meera Srinivasan @soacommunity Oracle BPM in the Cloud ! Business driven rapid process application development & mgmt

clip_image047[1]Jon petter hjulstad BPM CAB was good- The future is bright, and ACM was the highlight!

clip_image017[4]AMIS, Oracle & Java Oracle Integration Cloud Service is about to be unveiled: … #OOW14

clip_image084Sri Ayyeppen @_keste winner 2014 Middleware Solution Excellence – North America!!! Way to go! Thank you! #OOW14 #Keste10Years

clip_image043[3]Danilo Schmiedel Prasen from Oracle PM just made my day 🙂 Seriously great stuff is on the BPM roadmap. Exciting #oow14 so far! @soacommunity

clip_image043[4]Danilo Schmiedel Now Prasen is presenting Oracle Adaptive Case Management Enhancements and Roadmap. The things I am hearing making me happy! @soacommunity

clip_image041[1]Vikas Anand OpenWorld Preview: Service Integration Strategy Session – Cloud, API Mgmt: Simone and I talk about #SOA12c & beyond …

clip_image043[5]Danilo Schmiedel Just presented a few slides about a recent BPM project where we implemented a combination of BPM, SOA, WebCenter & BAM at BPM CAB #oow14

clip_image043[6]Danilo Schmiedel Today BPM Customer Advisory Board. The Product Management is showing very good demos about Predictive Analytics & BPM Process Cloud #oow14

clip_image037[2]orclateamsoa the SOA 12C beta lab getting ready!! #oow14 @soacommunity @orclateamsoa @OracleSOA

clip_image038[7]Luis Augusto Weir Nothing like seeing your own book at #OOW14 bookstore @soacommunity

clip_image007[15]Dain Hansen Congrats! AMIS wins Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year 2014 EMEA Middleware #soa12c @soacommunity

clip_image026[4]O-box RT @TammyBednar: #OOW14 Deploy SOA on Oracle Database Appliance in hours!

clip_image038[8]Luis Augusto Weir Excellent WOA/MOA by @lucasjellema ! Setting the bar high for rest of presentations! @soacommunity #oow14

clip_image006[20]SOA Community AMIS wins Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year 2014 – EMEA Middleware

clip_image017[5]AMIS, Oracle & Java Blog by AMIS Friends of Oracle and Java: “AMIS wins Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year 2014 – EMEA Middleware”

clip_image041[2]Vikas Anand Big News: Oracle iPaaS Cloud Integration OpenWorld Sessions #oow14 #ipaas #soa12c #soacommunity …

clip_image017[6]AMIS, Oracle & Java Proud moment! AMIS wins the EMEA Partner Award fort Middleware! Thanks to all customers, colleagues and Oracle.

clip_image043[7]Danilo Schmiedel Awesome! Oracle SOA PMs are showing some early (and real) demos to the partner community. Thanks to the excellent team! @soacommunity #OOW14

clip_image038[9]Luis Augusto Weir Excellent PAC session today !! Thanks @soacommunity

clip_image085Deepak Arora @VikasAatOracle rocking the SOA BPM partner summit @soacommunity !!!

clip_image041[3]Vikas Anand ·OOW kicks off with Partner council meet #SOA12c #soacommunity #oow14


clip_image038[10]Luis Augusto Weir Good article on BPMN vs UPN @soacommunity

clip_image088Siva published a service bus 12c tutorial #soa12c @soacommunity

clip_image089Waslley Souza Using DB Adapter in SOA Suite 12c – via @shareaholic

clip_image090Lonneke Dikmans new book on BPEL 2.0 with SOA Suite 12c by Matjaz …

clip_image008[8]OTNArchBeat Video: 2 Minute Tech Tip: #BPM Process Patterns Using #BPMN | Dan Atwood #2MTT

clip_image008[9]OTNArchBeat Podcast: The Case for ACM w/ @lonnekedikmans @nicovanbenthem @dschmied @t_winterberg #oracleace

clip_image037[3]orclateamsoa #orclateamsoa Blog: BPM 10g-12c Migration: Handling Excel Files as Input

clip_image077[2]Oracle Middleware Bringing apps and middleware together at #OOW14. Key General Sessions, customer/partner participation and more.

clip_image077[3]Oracle Middleware His interview in Sep edition of #FMW newsletter is a perfect precursor to Group VP @azavery ‘s talk at #OOW14.

clip_image008[10]OTNArchBeat #OOW14 Annual Bloggers Meetup, Oct 1, 5:30pm. Click for more info.

clip_image018[3]Lucas Jellema Check out the Simplified UI Rapid Development Kit for quickly creating your own ADF appls with Simplified UI …

clip_image091OracleADF New Oracle Mobile Application Framework Version (2.0.1) Now Available

clip_image077[4]Oracle Middleware Taking Enterprise File Exchange to the Next Level with Oracle Managed File Transfer 12c #soa12c #mft #oow14

clip_image039[1]AVIO Consulting See AVIO’s Dan Atwood provide a 2 Minute Tech Tip on the OTNArchBeat Youtube channel: #oraclebpm


clip_image093Vivek Garg Invoke #REST Service using #REST binding in #SOA12c #soaworkblog @soaworkblog @soacommunity …

clip_image094Antony Reynolds Some really cool new features to help manage Your APIs with Oracle Enterprise Repository #api #oow14 #soa12c

clip_image095ISE GmbH Thank you to all participants of our soa 12c launch event @esentri @scope_alliance @soacommunity

clip_image043[8]Danilo Schmiedel My 2 Minute Tech about Oracle Case Management. Thanks @OTNArchBeat – 2 minutes of fun! I like the Tech Tip format. @soacommunity

clip_image014[2]Yogesh Sontakke Amis SOA Suite 12c articles via @soacommunity #soasuite12c

clip_image032[2]José Rodrigues We always keep our promises… New @LinkConsulting ‘s Oracle Solutions site now in English. @soacommunity

clip_image096esentri SOA Suite 12 launch..@soacommunity Johannes talking about main New Features..@scope_alliance launch Event nuernberg.

clip_image037[4]orclateamsoa #orclateamsoa Blog: Oracle BPM 12c just got Groovy A Webcenter Content Transformation Example

clip_image008[11]OTNArchBeat Oracle #BPM12c just got #Groovy – A #Webcenter Content Transformation Example | Christopher Karl Chan

clip_image097Adam DesJardin SOA Suite 12c – Partition Level Security – @soacommunity

clip_image098luc bors The eagle has landed. Feels great 2 have the book in my own hands. Thanks 2 all who were involved! #OracleMAF #proud

clip_image008[12]OTNArchBeat RT @AntoniouAntonis: #BPMSuite12c Gateways (Part 2 of 5): Inclusive Gateway …

clip_image007[16]Dain Hansen Engineers Australia talks at #OOW14 about #cloud integration with SalesForce using #SOA12c

clip_image029[3]Manuel Rosa ‘s Oracle Solutions (English version) site is out: More content soon @JoseRodBPM @soacommunity

clip_image094[1]Antony Reynolds Slicing the EDG (Antony Reynolds’ Blog) Different ways to configure SOA Suite

clip_image007[17]Dain Hansen What’s New With Fast Data at Oracle Open World 2014? #fastdata #oow14 via @malatech

clip_image093[1]Vivek Garg Create #REST Services in #SOA12c #soaworkblog @soaworkblog @soacommunity …

clip_image099Sabine Leitner Is simplifying #SaaS causing the #cloud to become complicated? SOA is the solution:

clip_image006[21]SOA Community thanks to 6000 followers 🙂 send us your #soa12c & #bpm12c news @soacommunity #soacommunity your are the community!


clip_image102Whitehorses Whiteblog: BPEL 11g threads in parallel flow ( )

clip_image103Jorge Marquez Rave Top tweets SOA Partner Community – August 2014 Send your tweets soacommunity #soacommunity and follow us at …

clip_image104Dinesh Ram Kali. How to run #FMW 12c on the Cloud?Find more here: #OracleFMW #SOA 12c #soacommunity

clip_image105Natasha K. Rogers A Dirty Dozen Questions on Oracle #SOA12c You Need Answered, but Feared to Ask…. #SOAcommunity

clip_image004[1]IT Convergence 14 Tips on Establishing Good #OracleSOA Governance: @OracleSOA @soacommunity

clip_image004[2]IT Convergence A Dozen ?’s on #OracleSOA 12c you fear to ask, but must answer: @OracleSOA @soacommunity

clip_image017[7]AMIS, Oracle & Java Blog by Maarten Smeets: “Oracle SOA Suite 11g and 12c: Determining composite dependencies to the level of operations”

clip_image077[5]Oracle Middleware The #FMW newsletter Sep edition is now out. Get info on don’t miss sessions for #OOW14, latest BPM launch, and more

clip_image039[2]AVIO Consulting AVIO Consulting Blog – Navigating Oracle BAM 12c Composer’s New “Administrator” Page … #oraclefmw

clip_image106Maarten Smeets Determining SOA Suite 11g & 12c composite dependencies to the level of individual operations @soacommunity @oraclesoa

clip_image041[4]Vikas Anand @soacommunity @Oracle #soacommunity thank you Juergen and our amazing partner community: safe travels!

clip_image090[1]Lonneke Dikmans And special thanks to @soacommunity for organizing all the excitement 🙂

SOA & BPM Partner Community

For regular information on Oracle SOA Suite become a member in the SOA & BPM Partner Community for registration please visit (OPN account required) If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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About Jürgen Kress
As a middleware expert Jürgen works at Oracle EMEA Alliances and Channels, responsible for Oracle’s EMEA Fusion Middleware partner business. He is the founder of the Oracle SOA & BPM and the WebLogic Partner Communities and the global Oracle Partner Advisory Councils. With more than 5000 members from all over the world the Middleware Partner Community is the most successful and active community at Oracle. Jürgen manages the community with monthly newsletters, webcasts and conferences. He hosts his annual Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forums and the Fusion Middleware Summer Camps, where more than 200 partners get product updates, roadmap insights and hands-on trainings. Supplemented by many web 2.0 tools like twitter, discussion forums, online communities, blogs and wikis. For the SOA & Cloud Symposium by Thomas Erl, Jürgen is a member of the steering board. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences like the SOA & BPM Integration Days, JAX, UKOUG, OUGN, or OOP.

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