Top tweets SOA Partner Community – December 2014

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clip_image001Simon Haslam Flights are cheaper now too! RT @soacommunity: Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 50+ persons are registered

clip_image002jeqo @jeqo89 Book review "Applied SOA Patterns on the Oracle Platform" @soacommunity @PacktPub (book: )

clip_image003Rami AL-Sahhar @soacommunity it’s more improved and full of information …the amount of information is more than my expectation …well done Jürgen 🙂

clip_image004Bruno Neves Alves 2 Minute Tech Tip: Continuous Integration with Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c

clip_image005SOA Community SOA & BPM Partner Community Newsletter November 2014 https://soacommunity./ … read the newsletter! #soaCommunity @OracleSOA @OracleBPM

clip_image006André Evensen #AcandoNorge Blog: SOA Governance made easy – Oracle API Catalog 12c, @soacommunity #OracleSOA #APIcatalog12c

clip_image007AVIO Consulting AVIO Blog – Now Under Development in AVIO’s Skunkworks Labs: Customized Workspace for Oracle BPM … #oraclebpm

clip_image008Andreas Koop Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter for Oracle SOA Suite 12c Now Available

clip_image009A. Chatziantoniou Opitz Consulting @OC_WIRE was so nice and uploaded the presentation I did with Ingo Reisky at #doag2014 …

clip_image010Danilo Schmiedel Uploaded my #doag2014 slides "Road to SOA Suite 12c" … @soacommunity @OracleSOA @OC_WIRE

clip_image011Yogesh Sontakke Excellent #soasuite12c review & demos by @JoseRodBPM frm @LinkConsulting to our customers in Dubai @soacommunity


clip_image014Hendrik Gossens Thanks to @AlexDaeubler for his #TheCattleCrew post on patching SOA/BPM VM to WebCenter Works like a charm!

clip_image015José Rodrigues José Pires introducing @linkconsulting and @OracleMiddle event of BPM/SOA 12c launch in Dubai. @soacommunity


clip_image015[1]José Rodrigues Presenting the new stuff on 12c in UAE today, with @Yogesh_Sontakke at @ShangrilaDubai @LinkConsulting @soacommunity


clip_image010[1]Danilo Schmiedel 2 Minute TechTip about Upgrading Oracle SOA Suite from 11g to 12c … @soacommunity @OracleSOA Thanks @OTNArchBeat

clip_image020Carsten Wiesbaum New @esentri blog: "Oracle BPM Suite 12c Installation & Konfiguration" by @cweberruss @soacommunity #BPM12c

clip_image007[1]AVIO Consulting AVIO Consulting Blog – Oracle Service Bus 12c – Exposing a Pipeline as a REST Service … #oraclefmw

clip_image021OTNArchBeat My Top 10 Tweets – Nov 18-24, covering #GlassFish #Goldengate #ODI #OracleMAF #OSB #SOASuite #WebLogic.

clip_image022Red Mavericks From process description to BPMN, with #Oracle #Process #Composer @soacommunity #BPM12c #BPMN #baot @OracleBPM

clip_image023Big Files What can you do with 81 lines of Java? See customizing Oracle MFT at #OracleMFT #SOA12c #java

clip_image024Simone Geib Issues with #SOA12c slow domain creation on linux? Read Jay Kasi’s blog post for the solution: Hint: It’s the entropy

clip_image025Jon petter hjulstad SYSCO employees have 28 certifications relevant for Oracle Specialization

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clip_image022[1]Red Mavericks New article out! Know #Oracle Process Composer @soacommunity @manelrosa #BPM12c #BPM #baot


clip_image005[1]SOA Community Only 100 days to go for the #ofmForum 2015 time to register now #soacommunity @Oracle

clip_image008[1]Andreas Koop Checkout the Workshop Offerings of OFM Forum 2015 … Register at !

clip_image028Red Expert Alliance SOA Development framework based on Oracle Service Bus and SOA Suite – @LinkConsulting

clip_image029Robert van Mölken "@soacommunity 101 days until #ofmForum & 101 seats left " Otherwise you may miss out my session on API Management

clip_image009[1]A. Chatziantoniou If you are interested in real useful content and information on #oracle #fwm you NEED!!!! to be at the @soacommunity forum in Budapest2015

clip_image009[2]A. Chatziantoniou @soacommunity I just enrolled for the FMW Community Meeting and Training in Budapest. I hope to get a spot there and meet all of you.

clip_image030Lonneke Dikmans Great conference #DOAG2014 with #IoT and #OEP12c sessions. Tomorrow a day of training. Looking forward to that! @soacommunity

clip_image031Oracle Learning Libr We launched the new – Oracle Helpcenter portal!! Check it out!


clip_image005[2]SOA Community Registration for the #ofmForum 2015 is open ! Don’t wait to long we will be booked out!


clip_image007[2]AVIO Consulting AVIO Consulting Blog – XSLT and DVMs – Design Time Execution in Oracle Service Bus 12c … #oraclefmw

clip_image036leonsmiers Prasen Palvanker on Oracle ACM … #ACM #BPM #Oracle

clip_image037Oracle.IMC Partner Webcast – Oracle SOA 12c: BPM 12c integration with OEP 12c Slidedeck oraclepartners


clip_image039JDeveloper & ADF BPM Authentication On Behalf Business User from ADF

clip_image040Oracle Middleware The November edition of #Oracle Fusion #Middleware newsletter is now out. Catch the post #OOW14 edition today.

clip_image041Misha Vaughan Download the Oracle Apps Cloud User Experience Strategy e-Book by @mishavaughan @usableapps on @LinkedIn https://www.linkedine-book …

clip_image042gschmutz Trending hashtags last 4 hours: #OEP has almost beaten APEX 😉 OEP+BAM > APEX #daog2014 Thnks 4 attending my session


clip_image010[2]Danilo Schmiedel .@MagicChatzi I agree! If you’d like to see an #IoT demo ask @a_men_de


clip_image009[3]A. Chatziantoniou Demo #oep12 by @a_men_de with #oracle "big data light" – hilarious

clip_image010[3]Danilo Schmiedel That is the Truck @soacommunity

clip_image047Rolando Carrasco Solution accelerator, a brand new set of solutions provided by Oracle on top of Fusion Middleware http://soacommunity.esare-rotundo/ … @soacommunity

clip_image015[2]José Rodrigues @soacommunity @OracleBPM @OracleMiddle We’re taking off! How-to videos in mid Dec. #BPM #BAot #BPM12c

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clip_image036[1]leonsmiers A must have! >“@soacommunity: Oracle BPM ppt presentations

clip_image011[1]Yogesh Sontakke Have you tried out the new Oracle API Catalog yet? These handy posts from Niall Commiskey should help #soacommunity

clip_image048Ken Dohan Integrating SaaS Apps to your own back-end systems? Let’s talk about using Oracle SOA Suite 12c to help with that! …


clip_image010[4]Danilo Schmiedel I don’t care about IT, I would like to have that cool Oracle Truck 😉 See it in action at #DOAG2014 @soacommunity #iot #demo

clip_image051Debra Lilley best news of the day “coming soon the integration cloud” – did testing of this at OOW – it looks brilliant #OracleDay

clip_image051[1]Debra Lilley a solid SOA platform gives you a great place for mobile – example of how having the #AppAdvantage approach allows for innovation #OracleDay

clip_image052Matt Brasier Oracle SOA suite EDN empowered by Oracle event processor #DOAG2014


clip_image055Jan van Zoggel Just registered myself for the 2015 @soacommunity #ofmForum in Budapest. http://www.Forum2015

clip_image056Andrejus Baranovskis BPM Authentication On Behalf Business User from ADF

clip_image056[1]Andrejus Baranovskis Speaking on Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum XX, register here – http://www.tinyurl.com2015 .

clip_image057luc bors Me& @lucasjellema :Live mobile hacking with OFM12c red stack backend. OFM Partner Community Forum 2015. Register now:

clip_image039[1]JDeveloper & ADF Oracle Alta UI – An all new modern design system

clip_image021[1]OTNArchBeat Choosing the Right Mobile Architecture, by @LonnekeDikmans 9:30am PT OTN VTS Middleware track

clip_image058Oracle BPM Straight from Engineering: Dive Into Oracle BPM 12c #bpm12c #acm #mobile

clip_image058[1]Oracle BPM How does Oracle BPM12c Transform Your Business and Drive Innovation? #bpm12c #ibpms

clip_image055[1]Jan van Zoggel Blogpost by @rubixnl colleague @mhjmaas about auto sequencing of human tasks with Oracle #BPM12c screenflows

clip_image059Marcel Maas Auto sequencing of human tasks

clip_image060Lucas Jellema SOA Suite 12c X-Mas terClass by @lucasjellema & @robertvanmolken on Friday 19 Dec. Holiday spirit & Tons of Insights …

clip_image036[2]leonsmiers Not surprised you’re enthusiastic ;)>“@Luisw19: #APIcatalog12c is the killer #OER app!! More in this blog http://www.api …

clip_image061Rajesh Kalra Enhance #CX with new Oracle RightNow Cloud Adapter @OracleSOA @soacommunity @OracleRightNow @SOASimone #SOA12c #saas

clip_image021[2]OTNArchBeat A better way to do virtualization? Getting to know #Docker, by @markxnelson @biemond @joelith

clip_image062Luis Augusto Weir #APIcatalog12c is the killer #OER app!! More in this blog http://www./oracle-api-catalog …

clip_image063Dain Hansen Want to know everything about #Oracle #APICatalog12c? check it out on @AMIS_Services @robertvanmolken

clip_image058[2]Oracle BPM Oracle Open World 2014 Highlights of Oracle BPM12c #ibpms #oow14 #bpm12c

clip_image047[1]Rolando Carrasco A first approach to Oracle Enterprise Scheduler 12c … @soacommunity @OracleSOA .

clip_image029[1]Robert van Mölken Join our Christmas Masterclass SOA Suite 12c on the 19th of December – … @AMIS_Services @lucasjellema @robertvanmolken

clip_image064AMIS, Oracle & Java RT Join @AMIS_Services in Christmas Masterclass SOA Suite 12c for indepth information: @soacommunity @Oracle_NL

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clip_image029[2]Robert van Mölken Want to know everything about #Oracle #APICatalog12c check out my views about it on @AMIS_Services technology blog –

clip_image042[1]gschmutz Working on my OEP & BAM demo for the session ”Echtzeitverarbeitung von Twitter Feeds …” #doag2014 #oep12c #bam12c

@t_winterberg @soacommunity

clip_image065Torsten Winterberg Finally! The book is out…:-)


SOA & BPM Partner Community

For regular information on Oracle SOA Suite become a member in the SOA & BPM Partner Community for registration please visit (OPN account required) If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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As a middleware expert Jürgen works at Oracle EMEA Alliances and Channels, responsible for Oracle’s EMEA Fusion Middleware partner business. He is the founder of the Oracle SOA & BPM and the WebLogic Partner Communities and the global Oracle Partner Advisory Councils. With more than 5000 members from all over the world the Middleware Partner Community is the most successful and active community at Oracle. Jürgen manages the community with monthly newsletters, webcasts and conferences. He hosts his annual Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forums and the Fusion Middleware Summer Camps, where more than 200 partners get product updates, roadmap insights and hands-on trainings. Supplemented by many web 2.0 tools like twitter, discussion forums, online communities, blogs and wikis. For the SOA & Cloud Symposium by Thomas Erl, Jürgen is a member of the steering board. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences like the SOA & BPM Integration Days, JAX, UKOUG, OUGN, or OOP.

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