Top tweets SOA Partner Community – January 2015

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clip_image001SOA Community Want to speak at on Oracle conference? See our call for papers wiki https://so/call-for-papers/ … #soaCommunity please add your conference!clip_image002Melvin van der Kuijl SOA Suite #12c Beta exam 1Z1-434 available. Todo list for next year fills already! @soacommunity

clip_image003Debra Lilley Why not submit to #oug_ire it’s going to be a great event … #ukoug

clip_image004Alex Nemirovskis What is Oracle Developer Cloud Service? via @soacommunity

clip_image005Rolando Carrasco Different alternatives for SOA and BPM 12c developers http://ora-el.html … @soacommunity @OracleSOA @OracleBPM

clip_image005[1]Rolando Carrasco Errors while starting SOA Suite 11g cluster … @soacommunity @OracleSOA

clip_image006Packt Publishing Every eBook very book, every topic – grab a range of eBooks and videos for $5 #packt5dollar

clip_image007Antonis Antoniou #BPMSuite12c Gateways (Part 5 of 5): Event-based Gateway http://antonis-antoniou.blogs-part-5-of-5.html … | @soacommunity @OracleBPM @OTNArchBeat

clip_image008Siva #soa12c #edn mapping business event to custom topic @soacommunity

clip_image009Bruno Neves Alves New B2B 12c article – How to set up transport callout on generic HTTP Channels: @soacommunity @eProseed @Oracle_B2B

clip_image001[1]SOA Community Happy Holiday & a great start in 2015 from the SOA & BPM Partner Community! #soaCommunity @OracleSOA @OracleBPM


clip_image001[2]SOA Community Updated #soaCommunity training calendar … … (membership required )

clip_image006[1]Packt Publishing Get to know the tech world a little better with our $5 eBook bonanza #packt5dollar

clip_image012OTNArchBeat Top Tweets – December 16-22 #OBIEE #Hyperion #ODI #SOASuite, more

clip_image007[1]Antonis Antoniou #BPMSuite12c Gateways (Part 4 of 5): Complex Gateway http://antonis-antoniou.blogspot.comf-5.html … | @soacommunity @OracleBPM @OTNArchBeat

clip_image013Lonneke Dikmans @OTechMag published my article on mobile architecture in …

clip_image012[1]OTNArchBeat Getting Started with the #REST Adapter in #OEP12c | @jrferreir

clip_image014Red Mavericks Our article on December’s @soacommunity newsletter https:/ty_newsletter_december … #BPMN #BPM12c #baot


clip_image017Emiel Paasschens Uploaded my #ukoug slides about Advanced Message Validation in #oracle #SOA Suite with #Schematron: … @soacommunity

clip_image017[1]Emiel Paasschens Uploaded #ukoug slides about #ACM Patterns & Best Practices of #Oracle Adaptive Case Management: … @soacommunity #SOA

clip_image018orclateamsoa #orclateamsoa Blog: Getting Started with the REST Adapter in OEP 12c

clip_image006[2]Packt Publishing What will you get?! Grab all out eBooks and videos for just $5 #packt5dollar

clip_image019leonsmiers A must read!>“@soacommunity: Working on a #BPMSuite project? Read http://www.ateam-oracl-bpm-11g12c/ … by Mark Forster #soaCommunity #BPM12c @OracleBPM

clip_image012[2]OTNArchBeat Top Ten 2 Minute Tech Tip Videos for 2014. Leaders: @LucasJellema @RichNiemiec @LuisW19 #2MTT

clip_image008[1]Siva EDN logging #soa12c @soacommunity

clip_image001[3]SOA Community Submit your article for the IV #soaMagazine … – specially looking for best practice of #SOA12c & #BPM12c #soaCommunity

clip_image020Oracle How can #Java help with your #IoT device strategy?

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clip_image009[1]Bruno Neves Alves Oracle SOA Suite/B2B as a Critical Mission Hub for a High Volume Message Use Case #UKOUG @eProseed @soacommunity

clip_image012[3]OTNArchBeat #SOASuite12c: Topology Suggestions | Jay Kasi

clip_image012[4]OTNArchBeat #BPM Workspace Login with libOVD and LDAP – Part 2: Login | Siming Mu

clip_image012[5]OTNArchBeat Facebook Friday: Top 10 Posts for Dec 12-18 #BPM #Coherence #IoT #Mobile #OBIEE #Security #WebCenter

clip_image009[2]Bruno Neves Alves Another article from Oracle B2B 12c What’s New series. How to activate my listening channels in bulk? @soacommunity

clip_image001[4]SOA Community thanks for all the SOA Community articles in the top 10 of OTN SOA Articles in 2014

clip_image005[2]Rolando Carrasco Recorded webinar of SOA Suite 12c – Industrial SOA and Developer Productivity … @soacommunity @gugalnikov @oracleace

clip_image021AVIO Consulting AVIO Consulting Blog – Protecting Sensitive Data in Oracle SOA Suite 12c … #oraclefmw

clip_image001[5]SOA Community December edition of the #soaCommunity newsletter read it http://tinycember2014 … @OracleSOA @OracleBPM @ORCLPartnerBiz @Oracle please RTclip_image012[6]OTNArchBeat Top 10 Things You Should Know About BPM 11g/12c >> from members of the Fusion Middleware A-Team

clip_image012[7]OTNArchBeat Oracle #BPM 12c Gateways (Part 3 of 5): Parallel Gateway, by @AntoniouAntonis

clip_image007[2]Antonis Antoniou #BPMSuite12c Gateways (Part 3 of 5): Parallel Gateway http://antonis-antoniou.brt-3-of-5.html … | @soacommunity @OracleBPM @OTNArchBeat

clip_image014[1]Red Mavericks New Article! Pilot #BPMN process with Process Composer: @soacommunity @manelrosa #BPM12c #baot

clip_image023clip_image024Torsten Winterberg Did presentation today with Markus about our Cloud PoC: integrated Salesforce/Veeva with SAP. Went very well! #SOASuite12c

clip_image012[8]OTNArchBeat Free OTN Virtual Tech Summit #middleware #mobile preos by @lonnekedimans @gschmutz @lucb_ now on demand

clip_image025Oracle Mobile Oracle Mobile Update webcast is tomorrow 10AM PT! #Oracle #mobile

clip_image009[3]Bruno Neves Alves What’s new on Oracle B2B? First of a series of blog posts about fantastic B2B features:

clip_image026OPN Business Center Oracle Fusion Middleware EMEA Partner Community Forum – March 3-4 …

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clip_image001[6]SOA Community Distribute the #soaCommunity newsletter December edition read it! Didn’t receive it – register @OracleSOA @OracleBPM

clip_image027Oracle UPK & Tutor What’s New in UPK 12.1? And beyond…: Join us at our December 18th webcast! Just upg…

clip_image028Lucas Jellema Good article on EDN in SOA Suite 12c by Sivakumar – …

clip_image001[7]SOA Community SOA Suite 12c: The LDAP Adapter, a quick and easy tutorial by Maarten Smeets

clip_image029C2B2 Consulting

Take a look at our SOA implementation road map anything we can help you with? #SOA #JavaEE


clip_image032A. Chatziantoniou just booked the hotel and flight for #ofmForum in #Budapest – will spend the weekend before that with my wife in the city – looking forward

clip_image012[9]OTNArchBeat Free OTN Virtual Tech Summit 8 sessions on #middleware #mobiledev #mobilearch now available on demand

clip_image033Frank Munz . @soacommunity: SOA12c -Service Bus Resequencer by Vivek Garg < interesting new OSB 12c feature!

clip_image012[10]OTNArchBeat Top 10 Most Popular OTN #SOA Articles in 2014. >> Congrats to the authors.

clip_image017[2]Emiel Paasschens Now @SOASimone is telling interesting thingy’s about the roadmap of SOA Suite, which I am not allowed to tweet about @AMIS_Services

clip_image034Ronald Luttikhuizen Fault Handling and Prevention … – Part 2 is listed, so really need to write part 3 and 4 with @gschmutz

clip_image035Oracle Middleware Thanks to all of the attendees at the Oracle booth and sessions at #Gartneraadi. Latest Oracle PaaS assets are here.

clip_image036Simon Haslam .@soacommunity Wow – you must be nearly full! The OFM 12c releases must be very interesting to EMEA partners 🙂

clip_image037Robert van Mölken @SOASimone started the night with a few overview slides, but quickly changed to demoing #SOASuite12c


clip_image040Oracle BPM Gangadhar Konduri @gkonduri reveals Oracle’s Cloud Strategy #GartnerBPM


clip_image018[1]orclateamsoa #orclateamsoa Blog: BPM Workspace Login with libOVD and LDAP, Part 1: Configuration and Startup

clip_image040[1]Oracle BPM Cool UI, slick Demo Oracle Process Cloud Service #GartnerBPM @gkonduri Augustus Ballroom #209 12pm-2pm for live demos


clip_image040[2]Oracle BPM 60,000 customized business processes. Vertafore succeeds with Oracle BPM #GartnerBPM

clip_image037[1]Robert van Mölken Masterclass is one hour in the making. @lucasjellema is talking en demoing the #ServiceBus.


clip_image028[1]Lucas Jellema Very few seats left for the great Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Forum, March 3-6 Budapest; go to @soacommunity

clip_image040[3]Oracle BPM Vertafore iBPMS architecture built on red – Oracle BPM @gkonduri rocks #GartnerBPMclip_image048

clip_image040[4]Oracle BPM BPM on your #mobile Oracle BPM live demos Augustus Ballroom #209 12pm-2pm #GartnerBPM @gkonduri @MeeraOracleBPM


clip_image040[5]Oracle BPM Deep and rich process analytics Oracle BPM at #GartnerBPM stop by Oracle booth 209 @MeeraOracleBPM @gkonduri


clip_image053jeqo running @OracleBPM 12c Quickstart on AWS EC2 … @soacommunity

clip_image054Ronald Rood On Jan 13 there is a kick-off for the #OGh_nl Fusion Middleware SIG. #ofm register here: …

clip_image055Oracle Learning Libr Oracle Unified Method – Level 1 -Navigating OUM Video: Released On: 12/10/2014

clip_image056Jessica Ray New @avioconsulting Blog by @adolan_soa_bpm @OracleBPM 12c Migration A Deep Dive into a Simple 10g Process Migration

clip_image012[11]OTNArchBeat #BPM Process Patterns using #BPMN >> Video Tech Tip by #OracleACE Dan Atwood:

clip_image001[8]SOA Community only 26% of the seats left for the Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2015 #soaCommunity #ofmForum

clip_image057O-box Final day at #ukoug_tech14 – drop by for a technical chat about deploying your SOA platform on ODA!

clip_image058Jon petter hjulstad A Chef Cookbook for Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c – …

clip_image059Carsten Wiesbaum New @esentri: “@OracleBPM Suite 12c – Grundlagen: Activities, Events und Gateways” by @cweberrusshttp://www.esentri.ceways/ … @soacommunity

clip_image001[9]SOA Community Add your events & trainings to our #soaCommunity send calendar invite to …#soaCommunity

clip_image012[12]OTNArchBeat Free @OracleOTN Summit – 8 #middleware #mobile #appdev #architecture presos now on demand

clip_image060Vikas Anand Build Mobile but avoid #integration spaghetti : @mpezziniGartner #GartnerAADI #soa12c #soacommunity

clip_image061Yogesh Sontakke Great #ukoug_tech14 day talking on Enterprise Mobile and Tips & Tricks with @SOASimone. Gr8 catchup w/customers & partners! @soacommunity

clip_image053[1]jeqo A Cookbook to install/configure Oracle FMW on Chef Supermarket @chef @soacommunity

clip_image036[1]Simon Haslam .@SOASimone talking about Business Insights – a new theme for upcoming SOA releases #ukoug_tech14

clip_image063clip_image064AMIS, Oracle & Java The ultimate overview of Oracle OpenWorld 2014 is available – a 90 page white paper by @AMIS_Services . Download from …

clip_image001[10]SOA Community Channel questions about SOA & BPM? Post them in the discussion forum membership required

clip_image036[2]Simon Haslam “SOA Administration” is anything that’s not dev, like NoSQL is anything that’s not SQL: @Jphjulstad at #ukoug_tech14


clip_image014[2]Red Mavericks New article here: . @Yogesh_Sontakke @soacommunity #BPM12c #BPM #baot @OracleMiddle @OracleBPM


clip_image069Ayalla Goldschmidt #paas powers Digital business. Please join us in the New Year at the #Oracle Cloud Platform Online Forum

clip_image018[2]orclateamsoa #orclateamsoa Blog: Top 10 Things You Should Know About BPM 11g/12c

clip_image070Marcel Mertin Registration done, Confirmation pending. Looking forward to attend the #ofmForum in Budapest

clip_image018[3]orclateamsoa #orclateamsoa Blog: BPM Workspace Login with libOVD and LDAP, Part 2: Login

clip_image021[1]AVIO Consulting AVIO Consulting Blog – Oracle BPM 12c Migration – A Deep Dive into a Simple 10g Process Migration … #oraclebpm


SOA & BPM Partner Community

For regular information on Oracle SOA Suite become a member in the SOA & BPM Partner Community for registration please visit (OPN account required) If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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About Jürgen Kress
As a middleware expert Jürgen works at Oracle EMEA Alliances and Channels, responsible for Oracle’s EMEA Fusion Middleware partner business. He is the founder of the Oracle SOA & BPM and the WebLogic Partner Communities and the global Oracle Partner Advisory Councils. With more than 5000 members from all over the world the Middleware Partner Community is the most successful and active community at Oracle. Jürgen manages the community with monthly newsletters, webcasts and conferences. He hosts his annual Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forums and the Fusion Middleware Summer Camps, where more than 200 partners get product updates, roadmap insights and hands-on trainings. Supplemented by many web 2.0 tools like twitter, discussion forums, online communities, blogs and wikis. For the SOA & Cloud Symposium by Thomas Erl, Jürgen is a member of the steering board. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences like the SOA & BPM Integration Days, JAX, UKOUG, OUGN, or OOP.

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