Five Tools for Debugging Oracle SOA Suite by Adam Mead


clip_image001Have you ever completed a software project and had nothing go wrong? Neither have I. Projects using Oracle’s SOA Suite are no different than Java projects and you will need to debug issues at some point.

Here are five tools for debugging issues on Oracle SOA Suite:

1. Flow Trace and Audit Trail

If you have an issue with a specific instance, or instances that follow a specific path, both the flow trace of the composite instance and audit trail of the component instances are extremely helpful. Flow traces and audit trails help you pinpoint a location to look in your code. You can look at the location of the error and step back through the flow trace and audit trail from that point to trace back to the cause of the issue.

In most production systems, the domain audit level will be set to Production so the system doesn’t write too many audit records. When the audit level is set to production, you won’t be able to see the payload in mediators or assignment activities – two places likely to have mistakes. The audit level can be changed on each composite individually, so if your domain audit level is set to Production, you can always temporarily change the audit level of your problem composite to Development to help troubleshoot an issue. However, changing the audit level will only have an effect on activities completed after the changes is made.

To change the audit level on a composite:

1. Navigate to Enterprise Manager in a browser

2. In the left panel expand SOA, then soa-infra, then the partition to which your project is deployed, then click on your composite

3. In the main panel, click on Settings… -> Composite Audit Level: Inherit -> Development Read the complete article here.

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