My favorite tweets from the Fusion Middleware & PaaS Partner Community 2016 – super thanks!

WOW – Hundred of tweets with #ofmForum see yourself!

Thanks to the whole community for the twitter storm in total 16208 words or 558 pages from 2016 – THANKS to the #soaCommunity A selection of tweets

clip_image001Luis Augusto Weir

My best pics of Valencia during #ofmforum




clip_image008Ralf Mueller

Thanks @soacommunity for a great week at #ofmforum and thanks to all who attended #OraclePCS labs, great feedback. #OraclePaaS #OracleBPM

clip_image009A. Chatziantoniou

My write-up of the #ofmforum @soacommunity …

clip_image010John Sim

Thanks to @intel @oracle for sponsoring an amazing event organised and run by @soacommunity in Valencia this week! #ofmforum

clip_image011Vikas Anand

Kudos #soacommunity amazing #ofmforum : #API #streams #process #ipaas #integrate #IoT unleashed! Hve a gr8 yr all!


clip_image014Florian Sokoll

Thanks to all for the awesome #ofmforum. Particular kudos are due to @soacommunity for organizing the great hands-on workshops. Loved it!

clip_image015Mark Simpson

Thank you so much @soacommunity for a fantastic #ofmforum, great content, good company and a nice location, enjoyed Las fallas too!


Thanks for the great event and awesome boot camp.#ofmforum I promise a blog soon on MCS Analytics.. @soacommunity @gwronald @fnimphiu


#ofmForum comes to an end – thanks to Juergen and his team for organizing such a great event @wlscommunity @soacommunity

clip_image018Sven Bernhardt@sbernhardt Mar 18

After a great and very valuable conference now about to leave #ofmForum. To summarize shortly: it was awesome! Thanks Jürgen! @soacommunity

clip_image019Andrejus Baranovskis

#ofmForum is great, this is small #OOW in EMEA. Thanks to Jurgen Kress and @soacommunity

clip_image020Robert van Mölken

Just recorded a special video with @gugalnikov @borland_c & @MaartenSmeetsNL talking about #ofmforum. Thx 4 everything Jürgen. @soacommunity

clip_image021Lucas Jellema

Developer resources for Oracle IoT CS (latest release 16.1.5) are live: #ofmforum @AMISnl

clip_image020[1]Robert van Mölken@robertvanmolken Mar 18

@soacommunity thank you so much for again a great #ofmForum conference this year. So much value in a few days. Hope to be here next year.

· clip_image020[2]Robert van Mölken

Great session about the new features in latest #OracleIoT version. #ofmForum @OracleIoT @soacommunity


clip_image001[1]Luis Augusto Weir

#ofmforum again proved to be one of a kind. A must attend. Thx Jurgen @soacommunity 4 always making it super productive, fun & @ gr8 place!

clip_image024Ruben Rodriguezrsantrod’s Blog: Oracle Fusion Middleware & PaaS Community Forum 2016 … #ofmforum @avanttic @soacommunity

clip_image014[1]Florian Sokoll

Really impressed by the IoT Cloud Service so far. Stream Explorer is really making constantly flowing data useful and manageable. #ofmforum

clip_image019[1]Andrejus Baranovskis

Day 1 #MCS workshop was great, this is what i learned – . Thanks to #ofmforum

clip_image025Torsten Winterberg@t_winterberg Mar 17

Thx to @soacommunity for excellent #ofmforum 2016! Best place to go for soa, bpm, wls, iot, cloud and digitalization news and networking.

clip_image015[1]Mark Simpson@mark_gw Mar 17

Microsite from yesterday’s Live Hack session has been updated to something more appropriate #ofmforum @Luisw19


The last hours at the #ofmforum. Thank you all for a great event, see you next year! @DDGSmart


clip_image021[1]Lucas Jellema

Up on slideshare: our Soaring Across the Clouds presentation from the #ofmforum with 10 Oracle PaaS Services

clip_image019[2]Andrejus Baranovskis

#OracleJET and #WebSocket presentation slides from #ofmForum

clip_image029Debra Lilley

Goodbye Valencia Thankyou #ofmforum and @soacommunity for a very productive few days


clip_image009[1]A. Chatziantoniou

For those still at the #ofmForum for the bootcamps – I wish you a good and productive time there. Learn hard and party hard at the Fallas!

clip_image009[2]A. Chatziantoniou

#ofmForum was great – I learned, I networked, I did business, I engaged and I partied. Thank you Jürgen for this excellent event!


Thanks Jürgen for an excellent Oracle Fusion Middleware forum! Good to see Oracle PaaS has such enormous momentum! #ofmforum @soacommunity

clip_image014[2]Florian Sokoll

Sailing towards the digital future. Great ending of an awesome conference. #ofmforum


clip_image029[1]Debra Lilley

Thankyou @intel for sponsoring #ofmforum it was an amazing conference cc @soacommunity


Thanks @oracle for the amazing days at #ofmforum in Valencia


clip_image020[3]Robert van Mölken

On the stailboat for the closing party at #ofmForum @soacommunity



clip_image042Wilfred vander Deijl

Wilfred vander Deijl Retweeted Lucas Jellema

Full source code for @OracleJET demo app for #ofmforum at …

Wilfred vander Deijl added,

Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema

Check the JET Web Application for the #ofmforum Live PaaS Cloud Demo at  (Running on Application Container Cloud)

View summary

clip_image021[2]Lucas JellemaDownload the presentation for the Live PaaS Cloud Demo at #ofmforum from … @soacommunity

clip_image021[3]Lucas JellemaCheck the JET Web Application for the #ofmforum Live PaaS Cloud Demo at (Running on Application Container Cloud)

clip_image029[2]Debra Lilley

Amazing #ofmaces demo by the brilliant ace directors @lonnekedikmans @wilfreddeijl @lucasjellema @t_winterberg @mark_gw #ofmforum

clip_image043Maarten Smeets

Live demo #ofmforum on several cloud services. ICS, MCS and several others. Challenging on wifi but quite cool!


clip_image020[4]Robert van Mölken

A lot more changes are coming (to) rapidly to #OracleICS #ofmForum @soacommunity @mp3monster


clip_image020[5]Robert van Mölken

Nice first impression of the new orchestration integration pattern in #OracleICS @soacommunity #ofmForum


clip_image021[4]Lucas Jellema

Some of the award winners at #ofmforum in Valencia-courtesy of @soacommunity : Luis, Lonneke, Lucas, Leon & Carmen



@luisw19 Nice IoT presentation and working demo! #ofmforum

clip_image021[5]Lucas Jellema

Preparing demos from 5.30 is ok – this sun rise is even better at #ofmforum @AMISnl


clip_image055Rolando Carrasco

A brief summary ot the first day of the Oracle FMW Partner Forum in Valencia … @soacommunity #soamythbusters #ofmforum

clip_image019[3]Andrejus Baranovskis

Excellent MCS demo by @gwronald at #ofmforum @soacommunity – live on mobile device.

Grant Ronald


clip_image058José Rodrigues #ofmforum dinner reception full of starving technical and sales geniuses @soacommunity @LinkConsulting


clip_image061Yogesh Sontakke

Exciting investments in Oracle Integration analytics wth #StreamExplorer & more #ofmforum @VikasAatOracle


clip_image055[1]Rolando Carrasco

The great Integration Oracle PM Team @soacommunity @oracle @VikasAatOracle


clip_image066Simon Haslam

Most of the key figures in Oracle’s Integration team are in Spain for #ofmForum


clip_image069Deepak Arora

A new verb – "we ICS-ed it" – CIO’S happy with ICS going into production quickly and shortening time to market! #ofmforum

clip_image061[1]Yogesh Sontakke

Time to see Oracle #Process Cloud working hand-in-hand wth Oracle #API Cloud by @RCesare #ofmforum @soacommunity


clip_image061[2]Yogesh Sontakke

Starting the Integration, Process, API keynote by @VikasAatOracle . Standing Room Only! #ofmforum @soacommunity


clip_image069[1]Deepak Arora

@VikasAatOracle ready to showcase Oracle Integration Strategy #ofmforum – can you say iPaaS!!!!



Ed Zou giving grt pres @soacommunity #ofmforum on #PaaS & #Cloud


clip_image079Filip Huysmans

Ed Zou showing all PaaS cloud services #ofmforum @soacommunity #impressive


clip_image021[6]Lucas Jellema

We are really underway down in Valencia with #ofmforum @AMISnl lots of news and great people.


clip_image084ultan #lovemyjob #ofmforum


clip_image066[1]Simon Haslam@simon_haslam Mar 15

Now what was the hashtag for #OFMForum ..?


clip_image001[2]Luis Augusto Weir

#APImanagement friends @ #ofmforum

Rolando Carrasco and Arturo Viveros


clip_image001[3]Luis Augusto WeirFinally in Valencia for the best event of the year #ofmForum with great friends



clip_image093Mohammad Esad-Djou

#ofmforum @soacommunity @wlscommunity Registration and then start of OFM Community



Already registered at #ofmforum


clip_image029[3]Debra Lilley

Pretending I am on the beach outside and not in the conference centre indoors #ofmforum


clip_image101Andreas Koop@andreaskoop Mar 12

Great conference ahead – #ofmforum



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