Process Cloud Service (PCS) – Release 16.1.3 (February) and Process Mobile App 2.0 is available



What’s New!

  • New Pricing Metrics
  • Sample Apps
  • Process Conversations
  • Enhanced Local and Remote App Deployment
  • New Tablet App
  • Start Process App from Mobile

New Pricing Metrics:

PCS pricing has moved to a 3-tier hosted named user model to accommodate varying levels of process service interaction from those who require full access to composition and management capabilities, to participants assigned review and approval tasks, to those whose interactions are limited to making service requests. This new pricing model helps maintain competitive pricing in use cases where there are large numbers of casual users. Below are the subscription pricing details. Metered pricing uses the same metrics at 2x the cost.

Oracle Process Cloud:

· $100 per Hosted Named User per Month

· Defined as a named user who can access analytics, compose applications and manage lifecycle

· Required minimum of 10 Users, 12-Months minimum contract

· Requires Oracle Process Cloud – Participant User

Oracle Process Cloud – Participant User:

· $30 per Hosted Named User per Month

· Defined as a named user who can participate in process approvals and tracking

· Required minimum of 10 Users, 12-Months minimum contract

· Requires Oracle Process Cloud

Oracle Process Cloud – Invocation User:

· $3 per Hosted Named User per Month

· Defined as a named user who can initiate a process and query status and notifications

· No minimum required – minimum of 100 Users if purchased, 12-Months minimum contract

· Requires Oracle Process Cloud

Sample Apps:

Sample Apps provide a quick and easy way to create and configure fully functional Process Apps with minimal technical knowhow. PCS includes a catalog of predefined ready to run Sample Apps that can be used both to provide first time designers a quick introduction to creating Process Apps and Business IT users easy to configure tailor made apps for a variety of use cases. IT and partners can publish their Process Apps as Sample Apps with specific pre-defined configurations allowing Business IT to quickly create, configure and deploy tailor made Process Apps.

Process Conversations:

Process Apps now support the addition of a process level conversation within the context of assigned tasks to allow stakeholders and participants to collaborate and streamline getting work done. Process Conversations also support various options to configure process activity stream messages that automatically update the conversation with process milestones.

Enhanced Local and Remote App Deployment:

Process App deployment has been enhanced to support complete segregation of test and production data. Test and Player functionality has been simplified to allow designers to either step through the Process App one activity at a time or run the Process App from the Workspace in Test Mode to experience the app from the perspective of an end-user. Production deployment has been enhanced to support deploying the Process App to the local environment or directly to remote environments.

New Tablet App:

A new universal Process Mobile App now supports native tablet form factors for both iOS and Android platforms. The tablet app takes advantage of the larger screen real-estate to provide an improved experience for managing tasks and initiating process requests.

Start Process App from Mobile:

Process participants can now remotely initiation process requests directly from their mobile App. Onboard camera support allows the user to capture pictures that are uploaded to Documents Cloud Service and displayed in context to downstream task participants.

Learn More:

Learn more about Oracle Process Cloud Service at

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