Process Cloud Service Connectors (Part 2 of 2): REST Service Connector by Antonis Antoniou


In the previous post we saw how you can use the Web Service Connector in Oracle Process Cloud Service to exchange data with an external application using the SOAP protocol.
Oracle Process Cloud Service also supports the REST architecture to retrieve, create, update and delete data using REST services and this is what we will look into in detail.
To create a REST service connection in Oracle Process Cloud Service, you need the following information:

  • REST Service definition (for example, WADL, RAML, YAML, etc.)
  • Resource URLs
  • Access to the resource URLs to retrieve JSON sample
  • List of operations to use on each resource
  • List of parameters for each operation
  • In case of a secured REST service, the credentials (username and password) to access the service

Without losing any time, let’s see how you can create a REST Service Connector in Oracle Process Cloud Service using a very simple scenario.
I will be using one of the many publicly available web services to retrieve the states and territories of a country. The service url is "{countryCode}/all" and the service requires you to supply a country code in the form of a 3 character ISO code and will return a list of states in JSON format.
In a nutshell, what we will develop is a process that will invoke the REST service described above. The process will start with a form pattern, where the user will type in the 3 character ISO country code. The process will then invoke the REST service, passing it the country code entered by the user and using a second human task, we will display the first state of that country.
First thing that we will do is to create a new application in Oracle Process Cloud Service (I’ve named it "Rest Service Connector Demo App" under a new space called "aantoniou"). Read the complete article here.

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