Governance made easy – Oracle API Catalog 12c by André Evensen


clip_image002Oracle recently launched a new product in their governance portfolio. As more and more applications, particularly in the mobile domain, rely on external APIs, the need for proper governance is ever growing.

Many organizations use ad hoc tools like spread sheets and wikis to keep track of their APIs. The API Catalog 12c may allow organizations to replace these tools with an online catalog that provides visibility to their APIs for application development.

The API Catalog is a lightweight product that positions itself as a stepping-stone on the way to “real” SOA governance. It includes a meta-model for API assets and tools for automatically populating it with APIs from specified servers. Developers can use the catalog to search for APIs they want to use.

Simplified, the API Catalog seem to provide answers to three important questions:

  • What APIs exist?
  • What do these APIs do?
  • How can they be consumed?

I will describe, from a high level perspective, how the API Catalog addresses these questions and why this may be a great tool for your organization. Read the complete article here.

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