Java and the Internet of Things: Automating the Industrial Economy



Industrial automation involves the integration of physical machinery and processes with sensors, computers, and software. The result is an intelligent manufacturing infrastructure for increased safety and efficiency, and lowered costs. However, industrial automation comes with its own set of challenges. These include the need to connect multiple proprietary control systems, maintain end – to-end system uptime, reduce energy consumption and total costs, adhere to regulatory requirements, and increase safety and security at every phase. At its core, industrial automation aims to bring together the advances of two transformative revolutions: the machines, facilities, fleets and networks that arose from the Industrial Revolution, and the powerful advances in computing, information and communication systems established via the Internet Revolution. The intersection of these two diverse and disparate sets of technologies often results in a mixture of individual solutions. Businesses need their distributed manufacturing and business processes and control systems to behave like a single , flexible computing platform combined securely with a modern development platform to build, deploy and update applications. Oracle Java Embedded delivers this. Get the whitepaper here.

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