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You want to download BPM Suite 12.2.1? But you only see BPM Suite 12.3.1 at the OTN page? Here is a little trick:

What’s new in Oracle BPM Suite Version 12.2.1 by Cesare Rotundo

Business Process Management (BPM) Suite 12.2.1 is a complete, unified platform that enables customers to deliver against their business process strategy, execution, and automation needs, from business architecture modeling to business and IT delivery of process solutions.

BPM 12c covers four key BPM functionality areas:

· Business Architecture: model starting at the highest (Level 0) level of process abstraction, using Enterprise Process Map, Value Chain Models, Strategy Models, with the ability to link to BPMN processes, as well as to generate an Enterprise KPI Heat Map, Documentation, and Process Reports.

· Collaborative Business Modeling: model specific processes using the BPMN 2.0 notation, offering both Business and IT the right tools for collaborating from modeling to execution.

· Adaptive Case Management: deliver true Case Management solutions than dynamically adapt to the business context, allowing knowledge workers to execute the actions in a set of best available presented to them

· Intelligent Operations: make available real-time Business Activity Monitoring analytics, allowing business real-time control of operational and historical conditions and to take immediate action thru activity-enabled dashboards

While Oracle BPM Suite version 12.1.3 has delivered completely new areas such as Business Architecture, version 12.2.1 makes this complete set of BPM functionality more easily consumable by external solutions and integrated with WebCenter 12c Content and Portal, jointly released with BPM.


BPM Suite 12.2.1 includes a full set of REST API that enable applications built with any technology to leverage BPM Suite as an engine for workflow management, service integration, and process orchestration. This model is particularly well suited when custom mobile apps need a process engine that offers full BPMN and ACM capabilities, and that delivers BAM dashboards to enable control, management, and continuous improvement of processes.

Specifically, version 12.2.1 adds more granular task control, whereas users of any application / mobile app linked to BPM Suite via REST can now execute and withdraw, escalate, approve, reject, etc. tasks managed in BPM Suite. BPM 12.2.1 has also extended the set of REST API that enable Case control (ACM).

Reusable User Interface Components

BPM Suite 12.2.1 includes user interface (UI) components that can be embedded in WebCenter Portal. These include Task List, where Portal users can access tasks assigned to them by BPM, and Application List, where Portal users can launch BPM applications for which they have been enabled. These BPM UIs can be imported as a Portal Resource Catalog, then embedded into any Portal page, and easily configured based on a set of most common parameters.

Alta User Experience

The User Experience for BPM Suite 12.2.1 is now available with the all-new Oracle Alta UI system, adopted by the most recent Oracle Cloud, on premise, and mobile applications.

Alta offers:

· Fully redesigned UI component set and interactions

· Fresh visual design complements modern layout approach

· UI conducive to responsive design techniques

· Native Mobile UI

For more information please visit the BPM page here & our community workspace here.

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