FMW 12.1.3 – Invoking Enterprise Scheduler Service Web Services from SoapUI by Lucas Jellema


The Fusion Middleware 12.1.3 platform contains the ESS or Enterprise Scheduler Service. This service can be used as asynchronous, schedule based job orchestrator. It can execute jobs that are Operating System jobs, java calls (local Java or EJB), PL/SQL calls, and Web Service calls (synchronous, asynchronous and one-way) including SOA composite, Service Bus and ADF BC web services.

Jobs and schedules can be defined from client applications

through a  Java API or through the Enterprise Manager FMW Control user interface. Additionally, ESS exposes a web service through which (pre defined) jobs can be scheduled. This web service can be invoked from BPEL processes in SOA composites – or from any component that knows how to invoke a SOAP Web Service.

In this article I will briefly demonstrate how to invoke the ESS Web Service from SoapUI. I will not describe how to create the Job Definition – I will assume two pre existing Job Definitions: HelloWorld (of type PL/SQL job) and SendFlightUpdateNotification of type SOA composite based one way Web Service. Both Job Definitions contain application properties – parameters that can be set for every job instance and that are used in the job execution. When invoking the ESS Web Service to schedule a job, values for these properties can be passed in.

There is one tricky aspect with ESS: jobs cannot be run as anonymous users. So if ESS does not know who makes the request for scheduling a job, it will not perform the request. It returns an error such as ESS-02002 User anonymous does not have sufficient privilege to perform operation submitRequest JobDefinition://oracle/apps/ess/custom/saibot/SendFlightUpdateNotification.

To ensure we do not run into this problem, we have to attach a WSM security policy to the ESS Web Service and pass a WS Security Header with valid username and password in our request. Then the job request is made in the context of a validated user and this problem goes away.

The steps to go through: Read the complete article here.

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