Using eBS Adapter in Integration Cloud Service – Part 2: Configure and Test ISG REST Services by Stefan Koser




Integration Cloud Service (ICS) enables connecting applications in the cloud or on-premise. It also provides an adapter for Oracle eBusiness Suite. This eBS adapter is different than the eBS adapter in SOA Suite – it does not use a database connection. Instead it uses the REST services provided by eBS as part of Integrated SOA Gateway (ISG).

This article describes the steps needed to get eBusiness Suite including ISG REST services ready – either for using it with any REST client or with ICS. ISG requires some additional patches on top of eBS 12.2.4 – this was shown in this first part , see here.

In this second part, we will show how to enable the REST services, how to enable the metadata provider for ICS and test eBS REST services, first from a native REST client (SOAPUI) and then from ICS. All steps except chapter 4 are also relevant if you want to use Oracle eBusiness Suite ISG REST services without ICS.

Chapter 1 – Configure Integrated SOA Gateway (ISG) in eBS 12.2.4

Enabling ASADMIN User with the Integration Administrator Role

We will execute the steps in section 3 of the MOS note:

Log in to Oracle E-Business Suite as a SYSADMIN user and enter the associated password.
Expand the User Management responsibility from the main menu of the Oracle E-Business Suite Home Page.

Click the Users link to open the User Maintenance page (under “Vision Enterprises”)
Enter ‘ASADMIN’ in the User Name field and click Go to retrieve the ‘ASADMIN’ user.

Click the Update icon next to the ASADMIN user to open the Update User window.
Remove the Active To date field and click Apply.

Click the Reset Password icon next to ASADMIN user to open the Reset Password window. Make sure that ASADMIN’s password is at least eight characters long.
Enter new password twice and click Submit.

In the Update User window, click Assign Roles.
In the search window, select Code from the Search By drop-down list and enter “UMX|FND_IREP_ADMIN” in the value text box.
Click Select.
Enter a justification in the Justification field and click Apply. You will see a confirmation message indicating you have successfully assigned the role.

In my case, a warning is displayed (which can be ignored because the server is restarted later anyway):

Updates to Role data will not be visible in the application until the following processes are started : Workflow Background Engine. Read the complete article here.

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