Integration Workload Statistics (IWS) on untyped JSON and JavaScript in Composites by Maarten Smeets


clip_image001SOA Suite 12.2.1 introduces Integration Workload Statistics. This is a powerful new feature which can be used to do performance measures. Oracle SOA Suite 12.2.1 also introduces untyped JSON support and JavaScript support in composites and Service Bus. What better way to take a good look at both features by doing some performance measures using IWS on composites using untyped JSON and JavaScript!

I created 4 HelloWorld BPEL processes. Two of them are SOAP services and two of them are JSON services (not REST since they do not conform to REST architecture style). Two of these processes contain an assign activity using a JavaScript expression and one of them uses XPATH. I used SOAPUI to fire lots of messages on all services and measured responses. At the same time I had IWS activated to collect data on my processes. The results are quite interesting!

IWS + SOAPUI vs untyped JSON and JavaScript support in SOA Suite 12.2.1

Integration Workload Statistics


Integration Workload Statistics provides valuable performance related information on your SOA Suite environment. This ranges from JVM memory usage to duration of BPEL activities. It even provides insight in the functioning of the SOA Suite by providing information on the transfer of messages over composite wires. You can not use it on the integrated WebLogic server provided with the quickstart of JDeveloper though.

Using IWS is simple. First you have to activate it (it’s off by default) by right-clicking the soa-infra application, Monitoring, IWS Reports. Here you can click configure and set the level of detail. After you have applied this setting, you can run reports on the collected data. Report formats supported are CVS, XML and HTML. HTML provides a readable format which also contains some explanation on specific results. Read the complete article here.

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