OSB Release Management Utility by Joao Moura


clip_image002Agile methodologies have increased radically the numbers of release events in organisations where it has been adopted.  Both development and operations teams need to collaborate more closely during production release events requiring more than ever the right supporting tools.

How many times have you been asked what has been deployed in environment X?

If you are using CI tools and doing release management properly it should be a straightforward answer. However, software deployment comprises a set of steps involving multiple parties. As a result, the process isn’t entirely automated requiring human intervention which is susceptible to errors.

Imagine you have just delivered an OSB Production bundle to the operations guys (DBAs, Weblogic Admins…).

How can you prove that the expected jar has been deployed without looking at the source code or running any tests ?

We are using a custom Release Management Utility that saves us a lot of time and headaches ☺

· No third-party software required; It uses Hudson, SVN, Maven and OSB

· Allows users without technical knowledge to view what’s deployed

· Identifies project changes between sprints

· Track back to source code based on SVN revision

· Displays build date and version for each individual project

Read the complete article here.

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