Screenflows with BPM and ADF 12c by Marcel Maas


clip_image002BPM 12c came with a slew of features that were scrapped when Oracle truly integrated the acquired BEA’s BPM implementation. One of those features is “screenflows”. I guess some of you, if not all of you have ever come across the situation where you needed to retrieve some information from a user using a human task, then do some logic and immediately provide the same user with a new screen for processing this data without having to go back to the tasklist.

In 11g there was no (out-of-the-box) way to do so, other than using the human workflow api or simply doing a service call from the existing task flow and not really going back to the process. Well now you can! And we are going to demonstrate it in this post. Now this feature is easily configured. We first need to make sure the server is configured correctly. Because this feature uses JMS messaging to function we need to a new topic as well as a new connection factory.

In WLS console in BpmModule create a new topic:

Name: UIBrokerTopic
JNDI Name: jms/bpm/UIBrokerTopic
Type: Topic (or Distributed unified Topic if clustered)

Read the complete article here.

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