Using Event Handling Framework for Outbound Integration of Oracle Sales Cloud using Integration Cloud Service by Naveen Nahata




Oracle’s iPaaS solution is the most comprehensive cloud based integration platform in the market today.  Integration Cloud Service (ICS) gives customers an elevated user experience that makescomplex integration simple to implement.

Oracle Sales Cloud (OSC) is a SaaS application and is a part of the comprehensive CX suite of applications. Since OSC is usually the customer master and is the center for all Sales related activities, integration with OSC is often a requirement in most use cases

Although OSC provides useful tools for outbound as well as inbound integration, it is a common practice to use ICS as a tool to integrate OSC and other SaaS as well as on-premises applications. In this article, I will explore this topic in detail and also demonstrate the use of Event Handling Framework (EHF) in OSC to achieve the same.

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Within ICS you can leverage the OSC adapter to create an integration flow. OSC can act both as source (inbound)  or as target (outbound) for integration with other SaaS or on-premises applications; with ICS in the middle acting as the integration agent. While the inbound integration flow is triggered by the source application, invoking the outbound flow is the responsibility of OSC.

In this article, I will discuss the outbound flow, where OSC acts as the source and other applications serve as the target. There are essentially 2 ways of triggering this integration:

  • Invoking the ICS integration every time the object which needs to be integrated is created or updated. This can be achieved by writing groovy code inside create/update triggers of the object and invoking the flow web service by passing in the payload.
  • Using the Event Handling Framework (EHF) to generate an update or create event on the object and notify the subscribers. In this case, ICS registers itself with OSC and gets notified when the event gets fired along with the payload

OSC supports events for most important business objects such as Contact, Opportunities, Partners etc. More objects are being enabled with EHF support on a continuous basis.

In this article, I will demonstrate how to use EHF to achieve an outbound integration. We will create a flow in ICS which subscribes to the “Contact Created” event and on being notified of the event, updates the newly created contact object. While this integration is quite basic, it demonstrates the concept. While we use Update Contact as a target for our integration, you can use another SaaS application (for example Siebel or Service Cloud) as the target and create a Contact there. Read the complete article here.

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