E-Business Suite Integration with Integration Cloud Service and DB Adapter by Ulrich Janke




Integration Cloud Service (ICS) is an Oracle offering for a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to implement message-driven integration scenarios. This article will introduce into the use of ICS for integrating an on-premise E-Business Suite (EBS) instance via Database Adapter. While EBS in recent releases offers a broad set of integration features like SOAP and REST support (i.e. via Integrated SOA Gateway), these interfaces are not available in older versions like 11.5.x. In the past it has been a proven approach to use Oracle Fusion Middleware Integration products (SOA, OSB etc.) running on-premise in a customer data center to connect to an EBS database via DB Adapter. In a short time this feature will be available also in a cloud based integration solution as we will discuss in this article.

Unless we focus on EBS integration here the DB Adapter in ICS will work similarly against any other custom database. Main reason to use an EBS context is the business case shown below, where ICS is connected to Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) to provide a mobile device solution.

Business Case and Architecture

Not hard to imagine that Oracle customers running EBS 11.5.x might have a demand to add a mobile channel for their end-users. One option could be an upgrade to a recent release of EBS. As this will be in most cases a bigger project, an alternative could be the creation of a custom mobile solution via Oracle Jet and MCS as figured below. MCS is a PaaS offering and requires access to an underlying database via REST/JSON. This is the situation where ICS appears in this architecture.

In absence of native SOAP or REST capabilities being available in EBS 11.5.x tech stack, the integration via ICS would close that gap. Any database access activities (retrieving data, CRUD operations etc.) can run via an ICS/DB Adapter connection to an EBS on-premise database. ICS itself will provide a REST/JSON interface for the external interaction with EBS. This external interface is generic and not restricted to MCS as caller at all. However in our business case the ICS with DB Adapter fulfills the role of a data access layer for a mobile solution. Read the complete article here.

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