Doing performance measurements of an OSB Proxy Service by programmatically extracting performance metrics via the ServiceDomainMBean and presenting them as an image via a PowerPoint VBA module by Marc Lameriks



This article explains how the process of doing performance measurements of an OSB Proxy Service and presenting them in a “performance analysis document” was partly automated. After running a SoapUI based Test Step (sending a request to the service), extracting the service performance metrics was done by using the ServiceDomainMBean in the public API of the Oracle Service Bus. These service performance metrics can be seen in the Oracle Service Bus Console via the Service Monitoring Details. Furthermore this article explains how these service performance metrics are used by a PowerPoint VBA module and slide with placeholders, to generate an image, using injected service performance metric values. This image is used to present the measurements in a “performance analysis document”.

Performance issues

In a web application we had performance issues in a page where data was being shown that was loaded using a web service (deployed on Oracle Service Bus 11gR1). In the web page, an application user can fill in some search criteria and when a search button is pressed, data is being retrieved (from a database) , via the MyProxyService, and shown on the page in table format.

Performance analysis document

Based on knowledge about the data, the business owner of the application, put together a number of test cases that should be used to do performance measurements, in order to determine if the performance requirements are met. All in all there were 9 different test cases. For some of these test cases, data was being retrieved for example concerning a period of 2 weeks and for others a period of 2 months.

Because it was not certain what caused the lack of performance, besides the front-end, also the back-end OSB Proxy Service was to be investigated and performance measurement results were to be documented (in the “performance analysis document ”). It was known from the start that once the problem was pinpointed and a solution was chosen and put in place, again performance measurements should be carried out and the results were again to be documented. Read the complete article here.

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