Service Bus 12c – Exposing a Pipeline as a REST Service by Jennie DeRosa


clip_image002Within Oracle Service Bus 12c, there are several ways to implement a pipeline as a REST service.

One approach is to REST enable an existing SOAP service. In this scenario, a pipeline is supported by both SOAP and REST based interactions. A video that provides a good overview of the required steps to implement this can be found here.

Another way is to derive it from a pipeline WSDL (REST bindings in OSB 12c are based on a WSDL document). The steps below detail the configurations required to accomplish this.

The first step is to create a pipeline that is a WSDL-based service. If the WSDL does not exist, it can be generated from a schema. To do this, select the ‘Create a WSDL’ icon in the Pipeline Service creation wizard to open the Create WSDL dialog.  Before selecting ‘Finish’, be sure the ‘Expose as a Proxy Service’ is not checked, since we will be generating a REST based proxy in a later step. Read the complete article here.

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