Installing Oracle Event Processing 11g by Antoney Reynolds

Earlier this month I was involved in organizing the Monument Family History Day. It was certainly a complex event, with dozens of presenters, guides and 100s of visitors. So with that experience of a complex event under my belt I decided to refresh my acquaintance with Oracle Event Processing (CEP).
CEP has a developer side based on Eclipse and a runtime environment.

Server install

The server install is very straightforward (documentation). It is recommended to use the JRockit JDK with CEP so the steps to set up a working CEP server environment are:image

  • Download required software
    • JRockit – I used Oracle “JRockit 6 – R28.2.5” which includes “JRockit Mission Control 4.1” and “JRockit Real Time 4.1”.
    • Oracle Event Processor – I used “Complex Event Processing Release 11gR1 (”
  • Install JRockit
    • Run the JRockit installer, the download is an executable binary that just needs to be marked as executable.
  • Install CEP
    • Unzip the downloaded file
    • Run the CEP installer, the unzipped file is an executable binary that may need to be marked as executable.
    • Choose a custom install and add the examples if needed.
      • It is not recommended to add the examples to a production environment but they can be helpful in development.

Developer Install

The developer install requires several steps (documentation). A developer install needs access to the software for the server install, although JRockit isn’t necessary for development use.
Read the full article by Antony Reynolds.

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