Navigating Oracle BAM 12c Composer’s New "Administrator" Page by Ryan Ray


clip_image002With the latest release of Oracle BAM 12c (12.1.3), Oracle has completely redesigned the user interface (UI) and this is the third post in a four part series of posts introducing this new UI.

Part 1 – Introducing the New Oracle BAM 12c Composer

Part 2 – Navigating Oracle BAM 12c Composer’s New "Home" Page

Part 3 – Navigating Oracle BAM 12c Composer’s New "Administrator" Page

Part 4 – (Coming Soon) Navigating Oracle BAM 12c Composer’s New "Designer" Page

In this post, I will give you a brief overview of the new "Administrator" page and hopefully provide you with some insight into the redesign and how to navigate within the new UI.

BAM Composer Administrator Page View

By default, the Administrator page loads with a static image in the main section and with a Navigation Pane on the left-hand side.  With the Navigation Pane you have the option to add, edit/view, delete or refresh the four types of objects using the icons at the top of the Navigation Pane..

BAM Composer Administrator Objects

  • Data Objects
  • Enterprise Message Sources
  • Continuous Queries Monitoring
  • Viewset Monitoring

The Navigation Pane can also be collapsed to provide additional space for the main section.

BAM Composer Data Objects

In the image below you will see the out-of-the-box structure of the BAM Composer Data Objects.  In the fourth post in this series, I will go into further details on the out-of-the-box data objects and their different types. Read the complete article here.

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