SOA Suite 12.2.1 New Features by Sandra Flores



I recently had the opportunity to see version 12.2.1 of Oracle’s SOA Suite in action–and I can say it offers some very nice features that we developers have been waiting for. These features will make our lives much easier, especially when working with Cloud integrations, using REST and locating failures in BPEL instances.

These are some of the new features:

  1. JavaScript support for SOA Composites and OSB Pipelines. Besides REST support for OSB and BPEL (which comes from a previous version), now we have a JavaScript activity for BPEL flows and another one for OSB Pipeline components. With this activity it is possible to handle payload with native and custom functions of this language without converting from JSON to XML (i.e., we are able to create REST BPEL orchestrations and OSB flows using JSON and work with this structure in a natural way with JavaScript). You can read more about using JavaScript in SOA Composites in the well-explained and complete article found here:
  2. XSLT Mapping Debug. XSLT transformations now have debug functionality. We can set breakpoints to check a function’s input and output data at runtime. This feature is available for applications deployed in local and remote servers, and for BPEL and Mediator components as well as for OSB projects.
  3. Oracle Integration Continuous Availability. This complete solution comprises a set of SOA Suite operative functionality, including diagnosis, performance, availability, scalability among other operative aspects. Its main purpose is to provide tools and capabilities to solve issues arising from failures and improve our implementations. The following are part of this group:

In-Memory SOA. When we create a BPEL in JDev, a new tab called In-Memory SOA lets us choose from three persistence options: immediate, deferred and faulted. This functionality uses Coherence cache associated with WebLogic Server to run non-transactional short-running BPEL processes in-memory. This helps improve performance, lighten the DB job and make its maintenance easier. State data is stored and read from Coherence cache according to the option we choose: Read the complete article here.

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