Integration Adaptors including SAP R/3

Acelerate Integration with your Cloud, On-Premise and Legacy Applications with Oracle Integration Adapters. clip_image002
Oracle Integration Adapters provides a critical foundation for the Product, providing a Unified Connectivity Architecture, facilitating integration of information from several on-premise, legacy and cloud based applications and systems into a Service Oriented Architecture.They enables creation of Reusable service assets that publish to and extract information from disparate Cloud and On-Premise Applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP or to simple but key technology assets such as FTP Servers or Databases. Oracle Integration Adapters facilitate an Integration and Extension Platform for your Applications.
Whats New!
The 12c release of SOA Suite positions the product as the only integration product in the market today that can support all major ongoing technology trends: mobile enablement via major REST & JSON improvements throughout the suite, cloud integration via the new line of cloud adapters and Internet-of-Things with Oracle Event Processing providing the impedance matching layer between devices and enterprise systems. While many vendors may boast similar claims in high-level positioning documents, Oracle goes beyond the hype by delivering tangible features to back up these assertions in SOA Suite 12c.
Please goto the SOA Suite Product Overview page for more information on this new release.
The 12c release also delivers exciting new connectivity capabilities including all new Adapters for Cloud and On-premise Integration. These include the all new Enterprise Application Adapters for SAP R/3 and JD Edwards World, and brand new Technology Adapters for integrating with Coherence, MSMQ and LDAP. Note that the new SAP R/3 and JD Edwards World Adapter have a rich and intuitive JDeveloper based design-time and advanced Runtime capabilities. The 12c release will also be the platform for several upcoming Cloud Adapters.  For more details, refer to the following document.

Accelerate your SAP Integration with the new  Oracle Integration Adapter for SAP R/3

clip_image004The Oracle Adapter for SAP R/3 provides comprehensive, bi-directional, standards-based, real-time connectivity to SAP R/3 systems. The Adapter supports both JCA and Web Service standards for creation of open and reusable service-oriented applications (SOA). High-speed, low-impact, non-intrusive access to and from SAP exposes the critical business logic and data contained with SAP for reuse: the key to building a successful e-business application or integrated enterprise. This Adapter, newly introduced in 12.1.3 is natively integrated with JDeveloper providing enhanced developer productivity and accelerated time-to-market. Refer to the following documents for more information.

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