How to Use Custom (Apex) WSDL Option in Adapter? by Shalindra Singh



This blog focuses on new feature released with ‘Oracle Cloud Adapter for’ on ICS starting from 16.1.5. On- Prem SOA Suite will have same feature coming up down the line.

In this blog will walk you through the features of new options; Custom WSDL Support and also how to leverage CUSTOM WSDL (Apex WSDL) of to do the integration between and external system with Salesforce adapter on ICS.

Before we proceed we should know answers of following questions – (If you aware of these terminology)

  1. Why Custom WSDL?
  2. What is Custom WSDL?
  3. How to Generate & Download Custom WSDL?
Why Custom WSDL:

Though Salesforce, by default, provide rich connectivity through standard SOAP and REST API, but there still be a need to extend / enrich the built in functionality in order to support business specific requirement. There could completely new business requirement that by default does not exist. Again all these things can be achieved through Apex coding / custom coding on Read the complete article here.

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