Smart Meter – Oracle Event Processing DSS Demo (OEP)

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  • This demo leverages Oracle OEP with "Smart Meters" in Utilities sector to Manage Excessive Energy Consumption, Prevent Power Outages, and Initiate Pre-emptive Damage Avoidance Processes
  • This demo showcases:
  • A dashboard which captures of several event streams like Voltage, Current and Capacities of various substations in a distribution network.
  • Detection of threshold conditions across multiple event streams.
  • Usage of cache to Allow dynamic configuration of thresholds and Add (via join) contextual data to support aggregation.
  • Two types of pattern matching to find sustained conditions in the input stream flow of event data.
  • Alert generation using relations to represent state and state transitions and "missing event" patterns to monitor expected response(s).
  • Alarm management using pattern matching to remove extraneous alarm events.
  • Observation and edition of typical CQL Rules in OEP Visualizer.

DSS: OEP Smart Meter Demo Now Available  for more information and access visit OPN.

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