Lost in Translation – Common Mistakes Interpreting Patterns – Mark Simpson, Griffiths-Waite @ SOA, Cloud & Service Technology Symposium 2012

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Speaker: Mark Simpson, Griffiths-Waite

Mark has been specialising in Oracle technology for 13 years, the last 10 of these with Griffiths Waite. Mark leads our SOA technology practice (covering SOA, Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture).

He is a much sought after presenter on the Oracle and SOA conference circuits, and a respected authority on these technologies. Mark has advised a host of UK leading organisations on the deployment of BPM / SOA solutions. Working closely with Oracle US Product Development Mark has contributed to Oracle’s SOA Methodology and Oracle’s SOA Maturity Model.

Lost in Translation – Common Mistakes Interpreting Patterns

Learn how small misinterpretations of high-level design patterns can have large and costly project ramifications.

Good SOA design benefits from the use of a reference architecture and standardised design patterns. However both of these concepts give an abstracted view of the intended solution, which needs to be interpreted to become realised. A reference implementation is important to demonstrate how key design guidelines can be implemented in the toolset of choice, but the main success factor is how these are used through the build and post live phases of the project.

This session will introduce practical design patterns with supporting implementation examples that, if used correctly, will give long term benefit. We will highlight implementations where misinterpretations or misalignment from pattern aims have led to issues post implementation. The session will add depth to the pattern discussions you are already having enabling confidence in proceeding to the next level of realisation whilst considering how they may be implemented within your solution and chosen toolset.

September 25, 2012 – 13:55


More than 80 international subject matter experts will be speaking at the Symposium. Below are confirmed keynotes and speakers so far. Over 50% of the agenda has not yet been finalized. Many more speakers to come. View the partial program calendars on the Conference Agenda page.


  • Cloud Computing Architecture & Patterns
  • New SOA & Service-Orientation Practices & Models
  • Emerging Service Technology Innovation
  • Service Modeling & Analysis Techniques
  • Service Infrastructure & Virtualization
  • Cloud-based Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Planning for Cloud Computing Projects
  • Real World Case Studies
  • Semantic Web Technologies (with & without the Cloud)
  • Governance Frameworks for SOA and/or Cloud Computing Projects
  • Service Engineering & Service Programming Techniques
  • Interactive Services & the Human Factor
  • New REST & Web Services Tools & Techniques

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