Simplifying Error Handling with Custom XPath Function by Dan Reynebeau


clip_image001How many times have you developed error handling logic in a BPEL process and want to collect error information to pass to an error handler service?  There are many xpath functions that are currently available and can be utilized individually to collect all the necessary data, however this can become a time consuming task when you have several catch blocks and many processes.  This is a case where re-use is a must.  Simplifying the collection of the error data will ensure that the error handling is completed and performed in a consistent manner across processes.

Re-using the logic doesn’t imply copying the logic to another process, this leads to maintenance problems since we will inherently forget every place it was copied.  You could create small utility BPEL processes that manage the logic but that can be a bit heavy weight and probably overkill.

Custom XPath functions come to the rescue and solve this problem by providing a framework to generate a custom java class that can perform the collection of all the error data and return a XML document in the structure of the specific error handler.

Now we know we want to create a custom XPath function to populate the following CommonErrorHandler.xsd, so here are the steps required. Read the complete article here.

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