Patching your JDeveloper 12.1.3 with SOA Bundle Patch by Jan van Zoggel



The SOA(/BPM) Bundle Patch is available for download from Oracle Support (
Just use the search on patch number ‘20423408’ and it will bring you the patch details page with the download (approx. 662MB).
You can deploy the patch on top of your basic or the earlier released SOA Bundle Patch

So I patched my own JDeveloper 12.1.3 environment with the OPATCH tool.
Extract the downloaded patch, I’ll use C:\temp\p20423408_121300_Generic\20423408
This folder is called ‘patch_TOP’ in opatch terminology.

Since I use Windows as local OS you will need to First open a command prompt with Administrator rights (right-click, run as Administrator).
If we don’t use the right permissions we will get the error: Unable to lock Central Inventory. OPatch will attempt to re-lock

First we set our ORACLE_HOME to the Jdeveloper 12.1.3 folder:
SET ORACLE_HOME=C:\ORACLE\middleware\12.1.3
And make sure opatch is in our path:
SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\ORACLE\middleware\12.1.3\OPatch
We browse to the patch_top folder:
cd C:\temp\p20423408_121300_Generic\20423408
And run opatch:
opatch apply

Read the complete article here.

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