OpenWorld 2015: Finally a real Vision and Mission. A pleasant surprise by Robbrecht van Amerongen

clip_image001For me the 2015 Oracle OpenWorld was a pleasant surprise.  The surprise was not the announcement of an additional set of cloud products like the Identity Cloud or the Application Builder Cloud Service. The biggest surprise was the different tone of voice during the conference.

In the past you could summarize Oracle’s message as: We are Bigger and Better in technology, Open Source is bad,  Cloud is important, We (Oracle) Offer a full set of products and you do not have to look at other vendors. All your problems will be solved when you buy Oracle.

There is a change happening in Oracle, and the most important change is not the new products. Is a change in market approach, culture and structure.

Larry finally found his vision and mission

The change was visible in the Sunday and Tuesday keynote by Oracle’s CTO Larry Ellison. After a long time Oracle finally has a vision. And surprisingly it has nothing to do with technology. The vision steers Oracle in a completely different direction. Oracle needs to transform from a tech company to a services organization. It was definitely an inspiring keynote. The SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS business is taken very serious. I expected a full blown attack on Amazon and Salesforce,  but Larry is seeing them as inspiring example.  The CTO of Oracle seemed to have found his new horizon and he is eager to get there. He really looked like he enjoyed it again.

The full stack offering is not the only choice  anymore

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